Sunday, 19 June 2011

Part 2 of the night I failed when I switched

We both recover in each others arms, it had been an intense couple of hours and he had committed himself totally to it and slowly he came out of the zone, holding me close and smiling.

We head to the kitchen for food but kissing and appreciating each other keeps getting in the way. As we kiss he stuffs his hand between my thighs and takes hold of my clit. He vigorously rubs me to a knee buckling climax and then spins me round and fucks me like I've never been fucked before. His cock feels immense, but it's the passion behind the fucking I feel more of. I cum again, holding tightly to the kitchen bench as I loose balance as I climax so hard. He pulls out and continues preparing food with such a hard cock.

A few minutes later I'm near the fridge he bends me over again and pounds me like before, I could cry the fucking feels so perfect, every part of me is on fire it feels so good. I feel me juices escape around his cock as I cum soaking him. He pulls out and shows me his hard soaked cock, I taste it.

I'm still fully dressed and feel out of place so I ditch the dress and he removes my bra, tomorrow will be like a treasure hunt to find my clothes, having to retrace my steps.

We enjoy the food and talk about our trip away, both excited to be spending a few days together. We move to the other sofa, I have a small gift for him, he unwraps it and passionately hugs me, I'm pleased he saw the thoughtful sentiment, I had picked up his enjoyment of using a natural sponge while bathing and that he missed his old one, small insignificant gift but bought with much fondness.

We sip gold patron, sucking on limes and enjoy some porn together on his huge plasma tv. I'm getting so wet I fear for the sofa! His hand moves to touch me and he discovers my arousal.

We head upstairs and embrace on the bed. His hand naturally moves to between my thighs and he tells me to open my legs. He skilfully manipulates my clit, he now knows my cunt as well as I do, he knows what to do, how to make me ache, what makes me cum, how to keep me in a shuddering orgasmic state.

I take hold of his cock but fail at anything worthwhile as I has me mentally elsewhere. I can't do multitasking when I'm cumming!

Later I'm sitting in the chair for him to adore me, I'm physically trembling as I feel so vulnerable and exposed. His words calm me a little but it takes his touch to settle me.

We agree to '69' I'm not a fan of it for several reasons, the main reason being I'm so tall it is normally a non starter and my afore mentioned incapacity to multitask, I feel like I give bad head when being licked but I'm all for trying things and YSL wants to experience me sitting on his face. I'm pleased I did try as it was exquisite, I was so distracted by my own orgasm though I got a fright when he shot his cum in my face and mouth from my administrations.

We collapse together upside down on the bed and hold each other, talking and feeling so close. I ask him to spank me and he declined, he said he was enjoying just loving me, I was pleased by his response and snuggled in closer. We fell asleep shortly after and for the first time in ages I slept well, I woke at 6:30 and snuggled into his arms as we spooned. I hadn't even opened my eyes when the first wave of orgasms washed over me.

He lent forward and took my clit in his mouth and suckled it so beautifully, he pushed his fist inside me and I could feel his fingers find my gspot and he moved slowly against it. It felt incredible, so intense yet his touch was gentle, I could feel myself build slowly towards an orgasm. He started to fist me harder, my whole body shaking as I came. He told me to roll over. He had yet to penetrate my ass and it needed it, he told me what he was going to do, I was going to be leaving here with an ass full of cum, going to work with his seed inside me.

He pushed inside slowly, and paused while I relaxed and opened myself for him, he pushed in even deeper, his balls resting against my cunt lips. He fucks my ass deliberate and firmly, his cock is so hard and thick as he pounds me. I feel him explode inside, the warm jet feels heavenly as he fills me.

2 more sleeps until he touches me again

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  1. You've definitely met your match! How incredible is that?