Friday, 10 June 2011

Things I have learned the last 2 months

1. That I love domination through care, I adore it when YSL says keep your legs open in such a soft affection tone or cum for me now...

2. I don't need to hide behind underwear to be sexy, the pleasure of being wanted for everything is an amazing feeling

3. Hitachi magic wand is my toy of choice

4. The pleasure of intimacy is greater than sex

5. I'd forgotten how good sex is when you are in a trusting relationship

6. My favourite wine tastes even better when tied up and the wine dripped from his mouth to mine

7. I like my bottom spanked hard by YSL, harder than I've ever managed before


  1. Love the bottom... and the wine play is simply inspired. My respect to your Sir :)

  2. It makes me sad that I almost went down this road myself. Sometimes we forget how precious life is and we'd rather spend our days in a "fun and spontaneous" way instead of actually working out our problems. Of course, everyone takes the easy way out these days. Don't get me wrong. I'm not judging. I just wonder how marriage went from being one of the most sacred of all things attainable to being a joke to the masses. I too have dabbled in the excitement of affairs but eventually you have to look at yourself through the eyes of a higher power and wonder... Who am I? Is this what I wanted out of life when I had hopes and dreams or were affairs the best I was ever meant for? It's a shame to say the least.