Sunday, 15 April 2012

One year on

This week sees the one year anniversary of me and YSL meeting, if you fancy a trip down memory lane click here.On that night when I uttered the words “I don’t want the night to end” little did I realise it would bring me here to this point. When I first embarked on swinging or having extra marital fun for that matter never did I have the expectation of being able to be so deeply in love with someone and for it not to threaten my family’s existence.

My relationship with YSL these days is the strongest I’ve ever known in my life, I think it comes from the complete openness and belief we have in each other, I know I am loved . Recently I’ve been reading back over our earlier weeks together and I see the fragility I have, constantly fearing cancellation and being let down. I left those feelings over 8 months ago, YSL has never let me down if anything he always surpasses my expectations.

The depth of our relationship has long left the bedroom, his care for me and I for him reach all aspects of each other’s lives and we have both been fortunate in being able to be constructive and supportive in each other’s working lives also.

Our passion for each other continues to heighten, our exploits if anything are becoming more exciting and adventurous yet we also gain such pleasure from just curling up and watching a film together or feeding swans at the park. Our hunger for sexual satisfaction is still as ferocious but equally we satisfy each other completely. I used to masturbate most days now it’s rare I touch myself in between seeing YSL.

This weekend I was free but YSL wasn’t and he suggested I went to the club with a friend of ours. I declined. Not because I fear for what it would mean to us, YSL’s words of reassurance “I’m so secure in us that I don’t want to deny you any pleasure” made sure of that but for me sex without him there would be merely transactional. Sex between YSL and myself is so far from that, these days I can’t explain the depth of climax and pleasure he gives me, it’s on a totally different plane to anything I’ve ever experienced. I can only put it down to the way he makes me feel; relaxed, confident, assured and able to just let go knowing he is there to catch me. Sex with YSL is more about connection, expression of want, lust and desire for each other, physically showing love and care and at times showing each other our vulnerabilities or pushing boundaries we hadn’t previously acknowledge were even there.

The future of us, which I’m frequently asked on here, is more of what we have now. Our only plans to head off into the sunset together are restricted to 1 week in the South of France back at Cap D’Adge later this year. YSL has me totally; I could not give myself any more to him that I do now. I don’t want to change what we have in any way, nor is there any expectation from YSL. We both adore what we have together and only wish for more of the same.

I love him




(its a tad soppy but the song says it well)


  1. Thank you so much Yummy for the past year. It truly has been fantastic and wonderful.

    Everything you have written and everything that we have said together in conversation has mirrored each others thoughts and expectations without exception.

    We do appreciate and love each other, but do not wish to destabilise other aspects in our lives. We both know and understand this and it works so well between us.

    I look forward to our future.
    YSL xx

  2. Darlings, you're so very lucky to have found each other. Long may it - and your happiness, continue.

    Hugs to you both
    Leah xx

  3. Fantastic happy for you. It proves that love overcomes so much. Mostly our own barriers of fear and self-limitation. Wishing you many more adventures! :)