Saturday, 23 April 2011

Optimistic I've found something special

Not quite sure where to start, my heads in a spin. I met a man who blew me away.

I'm on a swingers site and other than enjoying the banter now and then I enjoy meeting the odd 'potential' for coffee or drinks on a rare occasion it goes further, rarely do I end up having sex, mixture of high standards and the pure fact that if im going to have sex I want it to be meaningful and worth it. I dont mean it has to be for love, its about intimacy, connection, respect and trust.

The other night I was home alone and fancied a night out. I put a flag on my profile and received dozens of usual messages 'wanna fuk?' 'u look hot fancy fucking' they make me laugh and shake my head. Just then a long message with paragraphs and punctuation lands in my inbox. I almost dismissed it without reading thinking it was a 'cut and paste' job but just before I clicked delete I saw reference to details in my profile, he had actually bothered to read it!

After a couple of exchanges of messages I felt the urge to meet this guy, I felt comfortable and attracted from the very first contact. I suggested a social, a couple of drinks to check if he was a axe murderer or not.

Two hours later I'm sat outside a bar waiting to see what turned up. He hurried by me not seeing me sat cluching my drink, nervous and arguing with myself in my head 'will he like me, what if he is horrid?' but I called his name and as he turned I smiled with sheer delight! He was tall, dark and very attractive, his eyes were so warm.

We chatted for sometime, immediately hitting it off and when I'd drained my second drink he asked if I wanted another, I told him I didn't want another drink but I didn't want the evening to end. He smiled and suggested I followed him back to his for coffee.

When we got to his there was a pause, I decided to take the lead and kiss him. Instantly I felt myself melt, partially due to being frozen from sitting outside but mainly as his dreamy kisses literally made me weak at the knees.

He ground fresh coffee beans and made me a heavenly brew, we chatted as we sipped, the longer I was in his company the wetter I was getting.

I was aching for his touch so I asked for another kiss, a few moments later I was undressing in his bedroom. I hadnt planned to end up in the bedroom with him but I certainly didnt want him to stop, everything felt right.

He told me to lie back on the bed and he started exploring me, kissing and teasing me. He slowly removed my panties and plunged his tongue into my wetness. His oral skills were amazing, he slurped at my juices as the ran from me, moving from gently licking my engorged clit to lapping at both my holes with such enthusiasm. My first of many orgasms hit, but he didn't stop, he had me writhing and shuddering, in between orgasms stopping to kiss and hold me.

After about 3 hours of foreplay, indulging me so much, he got between my legs ready to penetrate me. I was aching for him to fuck me and it was worth waiting for. In one confident hard thrust he plunged his hard cock deep inside me, pausing a minute while we both appreciated the moment before pounding me hard and very deep.

After cumming hard on his cock I turned over for him to take me from behind, he spent some time licking me again from clit to ass, drinking my juices before he entered me again with such passion and vigour. He slowly pushed his finger into my ass, clearly testing if I liked it and reading the feedback well and forcing more into me. He swapped holes and fucked my ass while working his hand deep into my cunt, I felt so full of him it triggered me cumming again this time so hard I was trembling. He pulled out and held me close, it was perfect, I loved how he could read my needs beyond the physical. When I'd stopped shuddering he slipped inside me and slowly made love to me from the spoons position. It's my absolute favourite and it clearly pleased him by the pleasurable sighs and moans he made as he pulled me back onto him. His fingers rubbing my clit and his other arm reaching round to hold my breast. I came again, I'd cum so many times, his bed was soaked, at best he would have to sleep in the shallow end when I left.

He urged me to roll over on my side a little a mounted me from behind. Alternating from pounding me to fucking me gently, he slipped his fingers in my ass, I think it must of been 4 up to the knuckles. It's been a long time since I've been fisted and it had me stretched to the limit. Just before he came his cock, if it was even possible, got harder, I felt it expand then pulsate as he started to orgasm. It was perfect.

We lay holding each other, talking and kissing, his hands wandered again and within moments I was gushing over his arm again.

It was 5am when I finally left after plenty more intimate indulgences, he'd offered for me to stay but we both needed some sleep as we both had work and it was clear we would not if I was there.

We both agree that we would meet again.


  1. Sounds delicious!

    I'm off to vote now...

    Have a Great Easter!

  2. Reading this for the first time today . . . could you even have guessed how your love would grow from this auspicious start?

  3. Amazingly hot, I wanted to be you. And so glad so much more came of this.