Thursday, 14 April 2011

HNT - New shoes

Ready for summer with new bright heels, my bottom was glowing brighter though from the spanking and the flogging he gave me.

Last time I saw the Therapist he bent me over and fisted me until a squirted, I came so hard it shot into my shoes as I knellt there.

I wouldnt normally be up for this kind of thing but the prize is £500 of sex toys and for those of you who missed it all mine were stolen in February when my car was broken into (still laughing at what the theives must of thought as they opened the bag up!!).

Any how I sent the link to vote yesterday but it was the wrong one!! you have to go via the link from here for it to count...

Sex Shop 365 Blog Awards

So if youve been kind enough to vote already can you click again ...

and if you havent... why not!

Just think of the picture of me playing with £500 of toys! Any suggestion of what to get if I win?

Thanks xxx


  1. Those shoes are fabulous! Very sexy!

  2. squirting in your shoes- oh my

  3. Hot picture... you should join my CDC, you's love it

  4. You so rock yellow heels!

    Happy HNT

  5. Beautiful shoes!! The shoes are hot, the cuffs are hot, the two together are meltdown material!

  6. I am having shoe envy now.... Where on earth did you get those from I wonder.


  7. Those shoes are so bright they hurt my eyes, but also very sexy especially with the restraints.

  8. Just loving you in those heels again.