Thursday, 21 April 2011

HNT - shoes off and I need you help!

Am intense and arousing therapy session, I lost me shoe while being spanked.

He kindly put them back on me when he restrained me (see yesterdays post for those pics)

Some of you may already know but I had my sex toys stolen back in February and Im trying to replace them slowly but surely... anyway ive been entered into this years UK blog awards and I need your votes as the prize is £500 of sex toys!

A couple of you ave been kind enough to post this on there blogs, thanks a million! If you are up for helping drop me a note or just drop me a vote!

Sex Shop 365 Blog Awards

So if youve been kind enough to vote thank you so much, you know I will repay in filthy pictures of me using them!

and if you havent... why not???

Happy HNT xxxxx

Join in the fun...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... the-otherhnt


  1. Wow, your toys were stolen? Seriously, some people out there....
    I voted for you so I hope you get £500 of way better toys to make up for it.
    And of course, I like the picture. The shoe at the bottom is a nice touch!
    Happy HNT :-)

  2. This picture is kinda an optical illusion. I like it.

    Sorry about your toys.
    I would cry if that happened.

  3. You sure your missing shoe isn't inside you? You've been known to accommodate a shoe... ;) HHNT!

  4. How the hell does someone steal someone else's sex toys??!?!?! Talk about being violated on a whole 'nother level!!

    Love the purple restraints thought!


  5. I'm also scratching my noggin wondering how anyone could have stolen your precious toys.

    Speaking of toys, that's exactly what this fabulous shot manages to do - toy with my filthy little imagination...

  6. Taking someones toys... it so personal... That's just not right.