Monday, 18 April 2011

I so enjoyed this moment

I went to the Therapists womans for a coffee and a catch up, she was fresh from being tied to the headboard and royally fucked. It always makes me smile who relaxed we are, shes in her underwear, hair disheveled from the pounding she just got, him with a grin on his face and stockings on, sipping tea and commenting on cake... I even got a recipe from her.

Then before I left we went to the bedroom to see there new toys, one is a pussy pump, I so want to try this, the therapist has promised :)

Then I showed her my nipple charms, she isn't bi, but she is getting more relaxed in my company so I encouraged her to let me put them on her, I teased her nipples and slipped them on, she looked beautiful with them on.

I left them to fuck... I was wet as I left.

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  1. Awesome and thanks. for the chains! :)

  2. Awesome! I voted for you because you asked. :)