Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New toy

You might of read that I had all my sex toys stolen back in February so im slowly having to build up my sex toys collection again.

Last week while I was out I got a text from my PA, 'box has been delivered is it work stuff or filth?'

Its a good job we are good friends!

Any way the delivery was indeed filth... im trying to build up my bondage toys collection and it was new restraints.

I promptly messaged the Therapist and ask for him to help me 'break them in'. He is a kind hearted sole, especially as we dont have penetrative sex, but he was happy to tie me up spank, fist and generally abuse me in the name of 'assisting a friend'.

I stripped for him and he put on the blind fold (this one was better than my old one as I couldnt sneak a peak) He stood behind me and kissed me neck. He tied my hands behind my back initially with ribbons then proceeded to abused an tease my breats. I love how he takes my breath away. Moving from tender and affectionate to the rought and demanding.
He bent me over and spanked me until I could take no more. He then place the new restraints onto my wrists and ankles. He put them on tight but they felt comforting and soft as they held me firm. he parted my legs and fisted me until I was a shuddering mess, gushing and squirting on his arm as I came so hard.

I like my new toy :)I like to share though

Sex Shop 365 Blog Awards

Im in for the UK sex blog awards...So if youve been kind enough to vote thank you so much, you know I will repay in filthy pictures of me using them!

and if you havent... why not???

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  1. That lovely picture of your toes in those gorgeous heels is all the help I need!