Tuesday, 5 April 2011

TMI - Random Sexual Facts

The libidinous and creative H from Hand in My Pants and Other Lustfull Desires has provided questions for todays TMI Tuesday. He would like to know...

1. Do you like to be called a slut? (yes, this can pertain to men as well)
Depends whos calling me it! if its part of the scene... you know... bent over being fucked hard "want is harder slut?" yes I like... or perhaps "go on, cum on my cock slut" all these please :)

2. What is your definition of a real man or woman?
hmm tough question, I suppose confidence in themselves

3. What quality do you value most in a man, eg: Loyalty, humour, etc?
Integrity, trust, sense of humour and respect have to be the starting point, thereafter a tight butt, a good smile and an adventurous personality!

4. What physical quality of a man are you most attracted to?
height, smile and eyes are my starting points

5. Would you rather be the boss in charge or the boss’s right hand man/woman?
The boss at work

6. What sexual act could you not live without?
do cuddles and kisses class as a sexual act? well that would be my choice if it doesnt count I think masturbation.

7. What sexual act would you never do again?
Have my feet tickled when tied up! I hated it!

8. Have you ever masturbated while driving, if so what did you use to
stimulate yourself?

Frequently! my good old bullet, love to slip it between my lips especially if in traffic. I slipped it in on the train the other week and came 3 times between here and London.

9. Have you ever wondered how fucking feels to the opposite sex?
Frequently, have masturbated over that very thought.

10. Do you remember the first time you heard the term clit, what was
your impression?

No, Can't remember, but I remember finding it for the first time!

11. What is the first thing you ever masturbated to or with?
See picture! I used to put as many in as I could take and then hump the bed! how silly to look at that now. I also used to sit on the bed knob and rub my pussy until I came.

12. For the girls, does Male on Male sex turn you on? Not as in two
guys fucking each other but say seeing your husband or boyfriend
touch, stroke, suck another man in your presence?

Depends on the situation, sex is sex no matter the sex in my book.


  1. would be nice to see a photo of you humping the bed knob again...

  2. #1: I would love to say "cum on my cock slut" to you :)
    #2 Can you see my smiling eyes
    #6 Masturbation that is a good answer
    #8 Wanna get stuck in traffic with me
    #9 me too
    #10 aren't discoveries grand
    #11 I am visualizing that right now

  3. #7 - I hate to be tickled. Period. It's like torture.

    #11 - I didn't know what those were, I rolled over the photo to find that they are hair rollers.


  4. For #11 I thought they were markers

    #6 - yes, cuddles and kisses to count and I have scientific proof because those can turn me on (you could run an experiment on me and you could "measure" the results) as well as just making you feel good.

    #8 - good reason to feel lucky about being a woman, can cum on the train three times!

    #9 - I've used this as masturbation fantasy material many times myself.