Monday, 25 April 2011

2nd night of debauchery and intimacy (part2)

He pushes inside me..... (continuation from last post)

We fuck slowly but with deep deliberate thrusts, I'm conscious I'm about to cum and ruin his sofa I can't hold back and I cum so hard again, we move to the end of the sofa and I bend over ready for him. He fucks both holes alternatively place his fingers inside which ever hole is unoccupied by his cock. Just as he is about to cum his hardening and pulsing of his cock sets me off and we both climax hard together. He holds me and kisses me as we both revel in the feelings of just cumming together as we lay on the sofa.

I have an urge and I feel comfortable enough to ask.. I ask him to smack my thigh gently, I tell him that's a 1, try a 3, he smacks me harder, I ask for a 4... Just right, I then part my thighs, I didn't have to explain further he start to smack my pussy, hard but not too much. He was pleased by the result as I was dripping wet again for him.

We return to the bedroom and within seconds he uses my wetness of just cumming and the spanking to lubricate his hand for fisting me. He fists me hard and deep, stroking my clit as he fills me, I start cumming and he holds me firm, I know he isn't going to stop, his mouth clamps around my clit and he is relentless, making me cum over and over until I'm a quivering wreck. I've gushed so much the bed is flooded as he retracts his fist from me as he moves to hold me tightly. I can feel it flow out of my cunt as I wrap my body around his.

He is hard again and pushes inside me as we spoon together. He soon learns from my reactions to his action that I like having my throat held. He pulls me back onto his hardness, holding my hip while he firmly holds my throat. It felt like he was in control and loved that he was discovering me, it seems as though we had connected on a different level, reading each others thoughts and reactions.

After we had both came again we lay holding each other, just looking at each other, we said nothing but his eyes told me so much more. I went to get a drink and as I put my drink down he moved to the side of me and held me so I was partially over his knee, it felt like an electric shock as the first spank arrived. He has such a firm hand, it made me so wet.

His hand is like a magnet to my pussy, even as we spoke he caressed my lips and clit, delving inside of me and in constant appreciation of my wetness. He arouses me so much. For the next few hours we move from kissing to fucking, adoring each other and making love. I adore that this man is capable of both ends of the spectrum. He embraces me and he enters me making me feel so wanted.

We decide at 8am we should sleep and peeled back the bed covers to discover it drenched right through. There was escaping any wet patch for either of us. We lay in spoons position with not a gap between us. We dozed for 10 minutes before we were overcome with passion and arousal again and he entered me again. His sex drive matched mine, his desire to be inside me equalled how I ached for him. He fucks me as he slips his fingers deep inside my ass, I reach round to pull my ass wide as I know he is trying to get deeper, trying to fist me. He succeeds, and I instantly cum,
He starts moving his fist in and out, I've never managed this before, my state of arousal was off the scale. I came so hard, every inch of me body was tingling.

After the shuddering subsided he slipped out of the bedroom to make coffee, returning with croissants and juice also, his care and affection demonstrate in so many ways. We lay close to each other both smiling so much.

He ran the bath ready for us. When he left the roo
I giggled as i saw the mound of condoms that had been disgaurded by the bed over the past few hours.

It's a big double tub and I'm sure soon to be my favourite place to be. I started to wash him, slowly starting at his feet and working upwards, loving the feeling of caring for him. He started on me and likewise the feeling of care and the depth of intimacy was so great, overwhelming in fact. As he looks at me, smiling and adoring me with his eyes, it strikes me who he looks like, his eyes in particular, he laughs as I tell him he resembles Ralph Feines. We laughed, talked and planned.. We planned to meet again. Im starting to be adicted to this man, being near him feels amazing. It was time to get out the bath, it seemed like we had only been in there 2 minutes but it was 1pm!

We retired to the bedroom to lie in each others arms for the last time before I had to leave. He enters me again, we fuck a while then he tells me to stand up by the window, we kiss and cuddle a moment before he moves behind me and spanks me, I take hold of the window ledge to steady myself as each firm smack lands. He enters me but continues to spank me, fucking me hard between blows. He teases me making me flinch and tighten ready for each smack. He knows how to fuck my mind and body perfectly.

We return to the bed, kissing and touching each other, he strokes his hard cock. I love to watch him masturbate, his beautiful cock hard for me. I ask him to cum for me, to cum over me. A few minutes later I watch as his cum squirts over my breasts, covering me with his warmth.

I didn't want to leave but I felt hopeful that this isn't going to be the last I see of this man, in fact I think this might be the start of a journey together.

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  1. This sounds Amazing!

    I really hope it is a journey for you, a long one.