Friday, 13 April 2012

A fantasy fulfilled - better than I ever imagined

The club was busy and we instantly spotted a few of the people we had been messaging earlier that day, we grabbed drinks and took a seat in the lounge area. It was a St Trinians themed night but we had only noticed this as we were leaving the hotel, not that we would have got that dressed up but it might of been fun to leave the hotel in such attire. Most of the other guests had some form of tribute to the theme, including a number of school head masters that were brandishing canes.

Before long an older gent, Eastern European accent with a name that reminded me of something from a 1940’s horror film engaged in conversation, he was amusing and charming, kind of had a look of the British actor Trevor Eve. He left us like the whirlwind he had arrived on only to be replaced by a tornado of a woman, Donna. YSL had noticed her online and had sent her a message prior to us coming, she made her interductions and squeezed her ample bottom between YSL and myself on the sofa. Another educated lady but alas lacking in the ability to be quiet. She was clearly a character that was well known at the club and conversations are littered with introductions to others and her cracking jokes as friends come into earshot.
She had been at the club the night before and an attractive guy, that I assumed she had enjoyed was stood behind us. The jokes lead to me being cheeky and checking the size of his cock through his trousers and I was very pleased to feel it harden as i touched him and to quite some size. Steven must of been about 6ft 4, I would of guessed 40 in age and had a lovely smile.

After more frivolity we decided to head upstairs and took up camp in the end bedroom. As I walk past Steve he puts his arm round my waist and exclaims how tall and stunning I am, I blush and as we climb the stairs I tell YSL I want Steve.

The room had a king size bed in it, 2 sofas and screened from the main play room by a completely see through and unable to close curtains. Donna and her friend followed us in and took up front row seats. Outside a full role play situation could be heard. “yes sir, can i have your big cock sir, “ followed by many variations of “Ive been a very naughty girl sir” and “please fuck me sir” Her commitment to the role play had to be admired she was full on for about an hour with it! Meanwhile back in our bed YSl was licking me to a beautiful orgasm before fisting me vigorously. Donna’s ability to ‘not shut up’ was wearing thing, I was blocking her out, she was finding it funny to ask me football scores when i was clearly in the throws of cumming. YSL ups the stakes and it shuts her up as her jaw drops as YSL double fists me. The entire room is quietly staring through the curtains trying to catch a glimpse. I can see Steve stood at the back of the room watching me.

After cumming hard and loud I move to the sofa and YSl shuts Donna up by burying his head between her legs and making her cum over and over again. I placed one foot on the bed and started to masturbate as i watched YSL give so much pleasure. The voyeurs outside the room looked like they were watching tennis, as they switched their attentions from watching Donna cum and me masturbate. Again Steve stood silently smiling as he watched.

After a quick drink we head back upstairs and YSl is on a mission. He takes hold of me and says "I need you as merchandise", as we pass Steve YSL says "wait there" and points at the bed and walks me to the talk black guy I had seen earlier, clearly YSL was in the mood to see me centre of attention. The Black guy declined, I momentarily felt awkward and a little rejected, like no one wanting you on the team moment at school, but YSL ensured there was no time to ponder that and had me on a bed with Steve and him in no time. As Steve stripped we were both very pleasantly surprised.

He had a well toned body and was sporting gstring wet look briefs with a cock hole that only a man of his endowment could wear. I took his cock in my mouth and YSL licked at my cunt and ass and we all slowly enjoyed each other.

The role playing couple are on the other bed and she is still committed to her being a very naughty girl, Donna barges in and brings company but after an initial irritating moment of while being spit roasted steeling my shoes!!!!!!!!!!! I think she got the point when I retorted “do not speak again until I get the orgasm you just ruined” it was taken in the light hearted but well meant sense and got things back on track. Another couple join us on the bed, the lady clearly wanted to play with me but i was too focused on being the centre of YSL and Steve, as she was
being fucked she took hold of my breast and massaged it like a stress ball.

The couple climax and leave along with the rest of Donna and her entourage, leaving just us 3. Steve slipped on a condom and started to fuck me firmly from behind. YSL sat in front of me and caressed me as I held his cock. I turn onto my back and Steve holds my ankles apart and inserts his hard cock, YSL retires to the sofa and watches me being fucked as he slowly strokes his cock. As I climax from the fucking I was getting it triggered Steve off, he pushed in deep and held my hips as he shuddered. As he pulled his cock out and stepped away YSl slammed his cock in deep and thoroughly fucked me. I was half expecting Steve to step away but instead it came and sat in front of me and held me, such a thoughtful and caring act that I hadn’t expected in a club situation. It instantly made me want for us to be in more private surroundings, whilst we were alone ipn the room right now, the viewing gallery above our bed was busy including a rather saddened looking black guy who clearly wishes he had said yes to his earlier invite.

I lie between YSL and Steve, both of them playing with my cunt together, I turned to kiss each of them in turn, both responding deeply and passionately. I have never felt so sexually wanted in a group scenario, Steve was mirroring YSLs tender and arousing advances on me and YSL encouraged him to fist me. His hands were big but after the evenings earlier double fisting it seemed manageable with a little lube. He got into a rhythm and YSL kissed me so deep almost cutting off my air supply as I came hard soaking his hand. Steve’s cock was hard again clearly fisting me had been a turn on and he mounted me like an animal, fucking me so deep I was squealing until we both cum and I collapse on the bed in an orgasmic mess. Steve wraps his arms round me and holds me, YSL pushes his cock back inside me as I lay, sort of half spoons, sandwiched between both men, feeling so utterly desired and shared. This has been such a fantasy of mine and I can’t believe how perfectly it played out. Steve could not have been more perfect except for relocating him to live closer. To be fucked and shared by the man I love so much and to feel such warmth from Steve was mind blowing and making me cum so hard both physically and emotionally.

After the sex we all lay and relaxed, both men still holding me again aching for more private surroundings as I would of love to fall asleep and be awakened throughout the night by both men. We shared with Steve that this had been a major fantasy and he confessed I was the first woman he had ever fisted.

As we left the room some 3 hours after we had initially walked in the black guy intercepted us, he makes a charge for YSL to apologise for turning us down earlier, seeking an invite again, as YSL goes to the toilet he moves in to kiss me, I reciprocate purely as a tease then step away and head downstairs with YSL.

Back at the hotel still high from the night’s fun we continue to play for hours, I’m so aroused I ask for the Hitachi, YSl in a playful mood tells me I have to be cropped to get it. I agree. His first strike is so hard, I have to muffle my scream in the blanket. He tells me if I want my Hitachi I have to take 7 more just like that. I nod and take hold of the bedding as if it will cushion the blow. Each strike is harder than I have ever taken. After 3 he leaves in, pulls my hair back and tells me I’m doing well before delivering 2 more. “2 left then you can have it” he says knowing I can hardly take anymore. I take them like a good girl and enjoy my rewards, as I’m masturbating myself YSL pushes his cock tip inside my arse and wanks himself to orgasm, feeling his cum jet inside sets me off on a intense orgasm capping the nights pleasure off perfectly.


  1. This is obviously a hot post to read, and a hot picture accompanies it, but I must note your mention of Trevor Eve. Fan of Shoestring by any chance? At any rate, I did have fun imagining Trevor Eve speaking in Bela Lugosi's Eastern European accent while I read this. :)


  2. My fantiasy also which I hope one day will be accomplished and if it can be in such a horny way as yours I will be a very happy woman, although we would not engage in the party scene (not for us) so might have the opportunity of the all night long..........oh that would be so so horny!!

    Your description of the evening and what happened is superb as always.

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Every time I think "that's the ultimate, she can't do anything hotter" you prove me wrong.