Wednesday, 4 April 2012

RAMPAGE - YSL's Birthday treat - Part 1

I think 10,000 words could not cover what we got up to last week. We set out on a rampage and whilst we had a little bit of a false start with some of our new friends cancelling on us, we thought we would have to downgrade from a rampage to a frolic or caper but then everything just fell into place and we ended with the most wonderful shared experiences.

Because we did so much Im going to keep it brief and do a few posts but if you want to know more just ask...


Checked into a brand new luxury hotel not far from where we live, we had arranged to meet some naughty friends from the Dungeon but alas plans changed and they missed out on what turned out to be the most wonderful night. The suite was modern and fun, a breakfast bar separated the room up and it reminded me of Cap D’Adge as we sipped wine and chatted. Food was enjoyed and then we took great pleasure in messing the room up.

My hands were chained behind my back and my arse cropped until I was trying to crawl away to escape each sting, many toys were played with until I was in such a state. The moment his cock slipped inside me was so rewarding. YSL fucked both holes until he needed to cum. He pushed into my arse and pushed in deep and I felt his warmth fill me.

Dinner was at a nice little Italian, it felt strange being out in our home town together, its something we hadn’t done before, having to remember not to hold hands just in case we were spotted. We sat enjoying dinner and conversation whilst I was very aware my arse was full of his cum, it was highly arousing. By the time we got back to the hotel my juices were flowing down my thighs. YSL held me close and masturbated me until I could come no more.


I woke before he did and slipped off to the shower, I was very aware of just how aroused I was and had been throughout the night and needed to refresh myself. As I re-entered the room a sleepy YSL lay smiling at me on the bed as I made coffee. The way he was looking at me made me feel all smiley inside. I slipped into bed again YSL was hard and pushed immediately inside me, slowly fucking me whilst kissing my neck and nibbling at my back. I reached for the Hitachi and enjoyed the dual attentions until I came so hard my cunt tightening enough to drag YSL’s orgasm out of him. I asked him to place my Ben Wa balls inside me creating a damn of cum inside me, added to the expected motion of the train we were about to take I figured it would keep me in quite a state.

Until we were settled on the train we didn’t dare stand too close, I’m not used to any distance between us and I found it hard to remember not to let my hand fall into his as it does so naturally these days but as we pulled out the station I stole me first kiss and we enjoyed the travel together.

The journey passed quickly and before we knew it we were in the taxis to our hotel.

As we checked in 2 things struck us

1. We had chosen a wonderful hotel for the break

2. It was a nightmare for sneaking in any ‘extras’ as reception was a narrow closely guarded entrance.

After the form filling and credit card stuff was done the receptionist explained we were in an adjoining building, with our own entrance. We flashed a look of relief at each other as I thought I was going to have to either call off our planned liaisons or tell reception I was holding interviews!

Our first planned gent was a no show but between the wonderful weather and finding a fabulous little bar we were not in the mood to share our time with anyone. After another walk to explore the area we found another bar bistro worthy of our patronage. Lunch was a local fare and enjoyed along with planning our fun and good conversation. We had a couple planned for the night time and a potential female also joining us.

Back at the room YSL ran the Jacuzzi for us, it was huge and in the main room, with the sunlight pouring through the large Georgian windows and the comfort of being so close to each other it really felt like one of the those perfect moments I will reflect upon for a long time to come. We end up on the bed playing until we realise we need to dress and go meet our new friends.

The cobbled streets of the town were a bit much so I walked there in my flip flops, despite having on a pretty off the shoulder black cocktail dress on. I quickly changed shoes at the door but painfully recognised the woman watching me change to be our new friend. Jim and Heather were long term swing partners, he was an Irish guy, a lot older than I thought he would be but I was trying not to judge them on how they look as it is about their attitude to sex and respect for others that counts. Little effort to dress was made by her but again I make allowances in my mind for it, perhaps it endorses her excuse to be out ‘at the shops’ etc.

Our code word was Havana 7 year old... if I ordered one it was a green light. YSL ordered one for himself straight away so I saw that as his endorsement, for me the jury was still out. After another drink I decided ‘what the heck’ they seem interesting in a quirky kind of way and it might be turn out to be fun.


  1. Mmmmmm - looking forward to the next post!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Sounds like a very sweet and sexy time! As always, we love reading about your adventures, and we enjoy perusing - and getting aroused by - your pictures. Happy Birthday to YSL!