Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sinful Sunday - the money shot

This was taken yesterday after 2 weeks of being apart. I've not been well and I'm still a little tender so our time together wasn't as energetic (well on my part anyway). YSL just held me, I needed it more than I realised. I wouldn't of said I was even aroused, just content, then my body gave it away. I realised after I got a look from YSL that I'd gasped and shuddered instinctively.

He parted my legs and dined slowly on my cunt until my clit was so engorged and sensitive from cumming twice. He moved up the bed and joined me on the pillows and held me as we lay together do close, I felt so reassured in so many ways from just being there feeling loved in his arms.

YSL moved back between my thighs but this time he tease my hole with the tip of his cock making my whole body ache for him to penetrate me. The satisfaction felt as he pushed inside as deep as he could was overwhelming. He made love to me slowly but hard, deliberate thrusts forcing his balls to slap against my arse until he managed to making me cum again, this time on his cock.

He lay back on the pillows and I moved to be between his thighs and began to masturbate him whilst tasting and teasing the tip of his cock until he rewarded my efforts and filled my mouth with his seed.

We cuddled and enjoyed each other some more, spooning and just being close. A strong urge came over me and I reached between my thighs and slowly stroked myself, I think it was because I'd fantasised so many times when masturbating that he was holding me just like this it felt the natural thing to do. I brought myself to orgasm and then took YSL's flaccid cock in my mouth and gently stirred it with my tongue until my mouth was full of his hardness. We changed positions and I sat between his legs and watched him masturbate, grabbing the camera just as he was about to cu

I love watching this moment, the external physical display of the fireworks going off inside of him. It also reminds me of what creates that wonderful swell and warmth as he cums inside me.

Sinful Sunday


  1. You captured the moments brilliantly! :)

  2. Wow!! Great way to capture the moment.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  3. Nice timing! Also, this is why I *love* nail polish.

  4. You did capture the moment. Great shot.

  5. The money shot indeed and really well captured. I love watching Sir cum, there is something very visually powerful about a mans orgasm.


  6. Great timing!!!! Love watching men make themselves cum.

    Mia x

  7. Brilliant timing!! You have captured the moment extremely well!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. Wonderful photos and the story building up to the images added to them greatly.

  9. Oh yes it's a very fun to watch that moment! *loves it*

  10. That is just brilliant!! see I couldn't even properly hold a camera in such a sexy moment;)

  11. You did well getting the shot, my camera would be just too slow I think!

  12. Very good action shot! I'd have missed it. Hope you tidied up afterwards ;-)

  13. What well timed shots! And as most have mentioned, watching a man come is one of the most erotic things to witness..

    Your nails are awesome :)

    Pea ~x~