Monday, 18 February 2013

TMI - fill in the blanks

We got YSL excited and playing this week!!! (Don't worry that isn't a gun but I did disarm his weapon fully)

I must say when he sent his answers over I just melted.

1. I’m the type of person that likes to be _____ in bed.

YSL: Adventurous

Yummy: Naughty yet sensual

2. If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I would _____ .

YSL: Know that Yummy was with me

Yummy: Ask YSL to kiss me first

3. The worst part about _____ when I am naked is _____ .

YSL: Fucking......that there are no more clothes for Yummy to rip off me

Yummy: Sleeping...... If YSL isn't there to hold me or wake me as he pushes inside me

4. I regret my first _____ .

YSL: Instinct not to contact Yummy earlier as I thought that I would not be the sort of person that she would be attracted to

Yummy: Profile that made YSL think he wouldn't be right for me, I so wish I had met him earlier in my life.

5. The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was _____ .

YSL: Cock
Yummy: being tied up

6. Recently, I _____ someone.

YSL: Adored
Yummy: missed

Bonus: You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged into a lesbian orgy, what are you going to do?


YSL: Settle the hotel bill at midday checkout

Yummy: hope nobody pays the ransom

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. I just played this too, though not with my lover. Lucky lady you!!

  2. Great answers guys. I especially liked YSL's answer to No. 3. He has an amazing mind.