Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kegel exercise and great sex

I’m a great fan of doing my pelvic floor exercise, shamefully I often find it turns me on. I think thts down to me mentally focusing on my sexual self while performing them.

 I first started to do them straight after I had child no.1 About 3 days after child birth I wanted to have sex, more to prove to myself things hadn't changed. As we started the horrifying moment of the hubby asking if it was inside. I started the exercises that night as the words of “your too loose to enjoy” echoed around my head.

KegelmasterI tend to do them every day now, either just sat in the house working on the lap top or even in the car stuck in traffic. I’ve used Ben Wa balls to strengthen my pelvic floor and found them quite effective but I have found they stirred me too much and I end up far to frustrate with myself!

I recently tried a proper Kegel exerciser called the Kegel Master  and I'm surprised at the huge difference it has made to me. It allows you to progress and build up your pelvic from strength and stamina. The competitive person I am certainly has me focused on achievement with it.

The main reasons for me to strengthen my pelvic floor are:

 1. A strong core help with posture and general health

 2. Having endured child birth and the stretching and trauma that comes with it I wanted to restore the strength and tightness along with being able to laugh, cough and sneeze without an accident

 3. I’m a huge fan of being fisted and I don’t ever want it to have an adverse effect on how tight I feel. (I recently discovered my blog was centre of a major discussion in a Finnish mother and baby magazine, using it to show how flexible the vagina is!!)

 4. The ability to crush a man’s cock with my vaginal muscles alone. I love to milk YSL’s cock with my muscles as he spills inside me

These days I also recognise that the strength of my orgasms are linked to how much kegal work I have been doing so for anyone wishing to increase their pleasure and avoid needing Tena Lady, get exercising!!!


  1. i do the exercises...and I have a natural way of tightening up the walls of my vagina with a cock in it! *grins*
    hehe, they like that very much
    I like that toy there, would be nice to give it a try

  2. Ohhhhhh gonna have to give this a try. Ben wah balls don't work for me as I can't get them back out on my own :(

  3. I can attest that when fisting Yummy, upon her cumming you either think that you are being arrested or you are about to receive a chinese burn!!!!

    1. LOL - My man says the same thing to me!!! LOL