Monday, 11 February 2013

TMI Fantasy and Role Play

1. To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be? (select one)
a. I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction.
b. I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted.
c. I have got my feet wet and want more!
d. Dive in head first – nothing is too deep.

If I'm in the mood there's nothing better than loosing yourself mentally and physically and role play can certainly do that. Never done anything prescriptive but always love it when YSL gets in the Dom mood and sets the scene very well for me being at his mercy.

2. What scenario peaks your interest most? Why?
a. Romantic and sensual
b. Playful and fun
c. Kinky! I want it all.

All of the above are a good start :)

3. Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?
a. A brothel
b. A dungeon
c. A bedroom
d. A prison cell

More likely a doctors surgery for me, feet in stirrups and ready for my internal exam.

4. Which of the following toys would be prominently featured in your fantasy? (select one)
a. Feathers and whipped cream
b. Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie
c. Whips and chains
d. Ice cubes and a cold beer

Again all would be a starter :)

5. It is time to take your sexy self to fantasy island, which fantasy will you bring to life to rock your lover’s world?

a. The Sassy Sexy Jersey Whore
Gaudy, Flashy, Showy…totally Jersey!

b. Kinky Cook
It’s all about the spice! Heating things up in the kitchen.

c. Naughty Maid
Your feather duster will tickle more than just the dust on the shelves.

d. Doctor Love
Saving lives and breaking hearts but not before you administer a head-to-toe physical examination.

e. Frisky Fireman
A hose so long you can put out several of the hottest fires and leave a smoldering heap as proof of a job well done.

Doctor love please! I'm looking forward to him making me hot and taking my temperature with his special thermometer!!

Bonus: Tell us about your craziest or wildest role-playing adventure.

We go to a place full of couples, no sexual boundaries, all wishing to pleasure each other... Oops did that today, better get another fantasy.


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  1. Great answers! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. We're envious you've done so much of the stuff that's on our to-do list. ;)