Tuesday, 18 December 2012

TMI - the sexiest thing

1. What is the sexiest thing you’ve done in the last two months?

 I was at YSL's place waiting for him, stood at the sink washing my coffee cup when he arrived. He walked up behind me and kissed me, his hands travelled too my thighs, lifted me skirt and pulled down my panties, I had heard the zipper of his trousers so it shouldnt of been a surprise when he pailed me on his hard cock over the kitchen bench.

The rest of that night is here: http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/cathartic-sex.html?zx=26583f91c480d3a7

2. What is the sexiest thing you’ve worn in the last 30 days?

Nothing, YSL loves me naked and these days im pretty happy with myself that way, he makes me feel sexy no matter what.

3. What is the sexiest thing you’ve watched in the last 30 days?

 Ive been enjoying this porn site http://lovinglyhandmadepornography.com/updates/ you can see how much the submissives are enjoying themselves despite how much they are pushed.

4. What is the sexiest thing you’ve heard in the last two weeks?

" roll over I need to give you my cum" ok maybe not everyones brand of sexy but YSL turned me on so bad when he whispered it to me.

5. What is the sexiest thing you’ve said in the last 24 hours? 

Nothing sexy been said, I'm not seeing YSL until Wednesday so all conversations been family orientated.

Did you know.... other than the night we met me and YSL have never spoken on the telephone!

Bonus: Tell us or show us something sexy.

I'm told I have a sexy voice so why don't you listen to me whilst you decide if the picture is sexy

This recording im tied up, blindfolded and have ear plugs in, i dont know whats coming next

This recording I'm masturbating and sharing a tale from my trip to Cap D'Agde.

and if that didnt do it for you try a video of me Masturbating through my panties http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/naughty-video-of-me.html?zx=9360b091803ef73e

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Your answer to #4 is definitely my brand of sexy, ha. Loved reading your answers!


  2. I find it quite noteworthy that you and YSL have only spoken on the phone once! Makes sense, of course, given the nature of your relationship, and at any rate there are many other means of communicating that I'm guessing work better.


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