Thursday, 27 December 2012

HNT - decadence, sleaze and excess

A special Christmas wish to all my blog readers, twitter friends and lurkers.

Today marks the special one off return of HNT. For those that don't know a wonderful guy called Osbasso ran a weekly Meme, Half Nekkid Thursday. Why it is do special to me is because it was first introduction to the blogging community, until then I was just out there on my own. You can look over my HNT pics by clicking on the subject on the right hand column.

Go see who else played at

My HNT picture includes one of my favourite gift so far this Christmas, a beautiful Jeffery West  spanker paddle. Not only is this stunning to look at, the embossed words decadence, sleaze and excess sum up the mood it creates. The scent of the leather, the sting and crack as it was pounded off my ample bottom was heady and so arousing. It made such a sweet note with even a gentle warming tap and was capable of such a rewarding snap when YSL took it up a gear or 2. In short this is my top recommended paddle for anyone on Santa's naughty list!


  1. How nice!
    Must check out Half Nekkid Thursday ;o)

  2. HNT was my introduction to this blogging community, too. Hard to believe it's been gone for a year already.

    Sounds like you're enjoying that paddle. :)

  3. Great work on that photo, I love the splash of color! The posts in the coming year will be brilliant, I'm sure.