Thursday, 6 December 2012

Birthday Treats

I escaped the house with my list of excuses and not expected back until the following day and headed straight to YSL’s place. We put his bag in my car and swiftly drove to the train station without delay our trains was in 40 minutes. Parked and tickets collected we purchased a couple hot chocolates, more to keep ourselves warm as it was only just about freezing. YSL headed to the sandwich shop for breakfast supplies and too my horror a good friend of the family with her husband in tow and kids moved swiftly towards me and all started singing happy birthday. I dared no even look at YSL but the 2 large drink cups in my hand were the dead give away I had company.

“Are you with Hubby?” my heart sank and my left side of the brain kicked up a gear. “he’s at home while I get to party on someone else’s budget”. She looks around and I nod towards YSL and say “that’s the head honcho there, just waiting for the rest of the rabble to arrive”. “Where are you off to?” my heart sank even further as it is revealed we are both heading to Edinburgh for the weekend, the only saving grace is they are on an earlier train. After invitations to meet are politely declined they head to their platform and leave me to panic. A few phone calls are made to cover tracks and our train arrives.

Once settled on the train and we are certain the carriage is friend free our hands drift together and  I feel a sense of relief, I whisper to YSL “I need to be behind closed doors with you so much now”. We exit the train like strangers and walk with purpose towards our hotel only stopping to catch our breath as we walk up the steep hill towards the Castle.

As we opened the door to our hotel room I’m blown away by the luxury of space and furnishings, this suite is bigger than the average house! YSL retrieves champagne flutes from his bag along with a card and gift, my favorite whiskey and one we have enjoyed together on our trips to Cap D’Agde. I loose my clothes and slip on my new negligee, its black, semi see through with diamond straps and we curl up on the sofa in our living room area sipping champagne.

Before long we migrate to the bedroom and YSL berries his face between my thighs giving me such pleasure as I grind myself against him. I reach out and grasp his erect cock whilst he continues to make me cum until he covers me in his own relief.

He doesn't stop giving pleasure he merely flips me over and changes his attention to my arse, lovingly licking and probing with his tongue and giving me good reason to moan with delight, his fingers circling my clit and taking towards my next orgasm until he pauses a moment, just as I was building up to cum, its intentional he clearly wants me in a state.

He moves to whisper in my ear “you know I said one day I will tie you up and use you” I nod silently, my eyes locked on his “its today” he then kissed me with the passion of a reunited lover before pulling away to reveal the restraints and a bag full of other toys.

I head to the bathroom while he prepared his war chest and took care of all ablutions so I was full ready for whatever he wanted to do. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could feel my wetness trickle for me. As I entered the room again he gestured to lie on the bed and slowly he attached the soft restraints   to each of my limbs. I wasn't expect the next move when he clipped my wrist to my ankle of both side so I was entirely at his mercy.

YSL sat before me and explored with his eyes and fingers every inch of my cunt, his fingers teasing me then holding my clit firm. I could feel my clit swell under his touch and my inside ache for the same attention. He changed tact from teasing to determined to make me cum hard and repeatedly using his hands and mouth. My clit was so sensitive almost agony but I would of cried if he stopped I was so hungry and needed to reach that depth of climax every part of me would feel it. He stopped to plug in the Hitachi MagicWand  which set me in a panic as I knew my clit would send me stir crazy if he put it directly onto my exposed tip. With one hand he spread my lips ensuring I was completely open, he placed the head against me pressing firmly and switched on.

Thank god we had this suite as the screams escaping from me were confined to our space only as YSL tortured me, making me cum over and over. My hands trying desperately to intervene but only giving YSL cause to press harder as I struggled.

The bed is soaking and YSL laps at my escaping juices before pushing me on my side and pushing in a Pico Bong Vibrating Butt  Plug  then proceeded to finger then fist my cunt. I feel without control of my own body, YSL is doing all the bidding and I’ve never felt as much his as he slips his hard cock inside me. He slams deep and hard, fucking me purely for his pleasure and its arousing me off the scale. I can tell he is getting close but not ready to finish as he slows down and pauses. He removes the butt plug and slips in his cock instead. His fingers hold me engorged cliterous and tease my hole until I’m shuddering as the strongest wave of a climax rips through me.

YSL moves to sit before me again, close enough for his cock tip to graze me as he stroked his hardness and took himself to orgasm, covering me with his warmth as it landed over my entire pubic area. He untied me and gently rubbed his hand over my cum soaked cunt gently and stirring my arousal again. He retrieved his hand and gave a playful spank against my bottom and my reaction clearly sparked the notion to redden my arse further. Smack after smack landed upon my burning cheeks, as I wriggled he held me tighter and upped the tempo until his hand must have been on fire. My entire body was in such a blissful state as his loving arms wrapped around me and he whispered what a good girl I was.

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  1. I would wish you a happy Birthday, but it seems someone beat me to it already... :)

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