Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sinful Sunday - a mouthful

Super pleased last weeks image landed me in the weekly round up you can see my submission HERE

This week is not so much about the picture but the moment. We have been making up for lost time this week, the last 2 months have been too busy to have much quality time to adore each other. Monday and Friday we spent the entire day in bed making love, fucking hard and everything in between.

The image was taken as I was adoring YSL's cock, I had taken him into my mouth flaccid and enjoyed feeling him grow, forcing himself into my throat without either of us moving.

For those that used to do HNT, Osbasso is doing a one day revival (Details are HERE). HNT was my first introduction to the blogging community and for that I'm so grateful as it brought friendship, knowledge and support just like the network of Sinful Sunday.

Don't forget to click on Molly's cleavage and go see the other players xx
Sinful Sunday


  1. A mouthful ... A blissful pleasure for both parties... :)

  2. That is quite a mouthful ;) Thanks for sharing about HNT!

  3. Nice. Very nice. For both of you.

  4. I did HNT many years ago, for quite a number of years ... I will certainly be keeping an eye out, although I won't be participating.

    Your photograph is beautiful.

    xx Dee

  5. I love using my mouth to make him hard. Something so very sexy about the whole thing.


  6. I love that feeling :)
    Thank you for the information on HNT! though I won't be around to take part.

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Your photo gives me lovely tingles all over my body. The pleasure in feeling them grow never wanes.

    ava x

  8. A mouthful would be in your took him in all the way to the base ;-)

    Return of HNT? meh

  9. I think porn and erotica needs a lot more oral that starts with a flaccid cock. There seems to be this weird implication that it's only sexy if he's already hard. So not true. Bravo you for proving it!

  10. That is a big mouthful! Thank you for sharing your moment =)

  11. Wow, definitely looks like you were having a sweet treat

  12. This is a lovely photo. I love taking Roland into my mouth before he gets hard, because that is the only way I can get his whole cock in my mouth. By the time he's fully erect, he's too long. ;) There's nothing like feeling him grow in my mouth and knowing I'm responsible.