Thursday, 8 March 2012

HNT or TNH theme

This weeks theme is optical, reflections or discovery. Firstly Im going with discovery as we gave this lady quite a few new experiences on Monday when we had a delightful foursome.

I thought I'd add in reflections seeing as you can almost sees reflection on our guests balls as I held them so tight :)


  1. We like your interpretations of the secondary and tertiary theme. Yes, the first image counts for "reflections" - that's one shiny ballsack - though just looking at it has me wincing.


  2. LOL at Jack's "that's one shiny ballsack"! I know some guys are into that and if that turns him on, more power to you and him. However, he was so aroused to the point of not staying still and popping out at us, you have managed to fillful all three themes!

  3. Oh! My eyes almost popped at that! Whoa. How was the couple?