Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sorry, twitter, busy, 4some, blah blah blah

Apologise ive neglected you dear blog and blogger readers...


Twitter have suspended my account, don't know why and still awaiting my case being reviewed. In the meantime I'm tweeting via YSL's account @ys_lover so please follow me there as I miss the chat.

Been a busy week but full of pleasure I'm trying to write up a post but the highlight of the week is a filthy foursome that ended up with both the female in the sex swing and us taking turns to play with her then the male in the swing. I slipped in the strapon and fucked him till he came.

They sent the most lovely feedback, it had been there first meet and it seems we made it special for them, making them feel at ease, feel special and thoroughly enjoyed our company. (dear anon who said I sound a nightmare partner in a foursome, please place in pipe and smoke it).

We will be meeting them again, 5hours of pure pleasure, creative play and sooooo many orgasms!

This week we are on a sexual rampage!! Tuesday we hope to meet some kinky friends at a Hotel for a night of filth. Following morning we jump a train and head north for 2 days of 5 star luxury, I've booked a jacuzzi suite for YSL's birthday treat. We have a few new friends meeting us throughout our stay including a bi-male which I hope gives us the much fantasised about bi-mmf.

I will be tweeting updates and posting pics so keep checking back...

And that's Andrew fucking my arse while Julie sucked YSL. There is a video of him fucking me if that's of interest? :)


  1. You guys are awesome, as always. Can't wait to hear the details of YSL's birthday bash!



  3. I'm interested in seeing your vid... LICK