Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A sexual buffet for breakfast - all you can eat

Breakfast was on our way and I was in need of lots of coffee, sleep had been on the light side for the past few nights and I was really feeling it. Just as we left the restaurant we got a text to check we were still going to meet the couple, !0 minutes later we were parking outside Christine’s place ready to enjoy some leisure and pleasure time. She lives alone and keeps a smart clean place and she always makes us feel so at home. Stuart was already there and fresh out of the shower sporting a dressing gown and clutching a coffee, he had just finished a night shift so was at the opposite end of the day to us but looked refreshed and happy to see us.
After pleasantries and catching up from the last few weeks gallivanting we headed to the bedroom. The first time we had met Christine she had been so shy and held back, faffing with the CD player while we all got stated, today she was the first out of the clothes except for Stuart who had the excuse of simply untying the dressing gown.

Stuart started kissing and caressing Christine and I sat on the edge of the bed as YSL approached me. He spent a few moments kissing me so delicately before whispering for me to go join Christine. I stood behind her and felt her skin press against me. Even without my heels on I’m almost head and shoulders above her, its been a while since I felt awkward with my height in this way, I feel too tall and clumsy a moment, like I’m standing out oo much then YSL moves behind me and sandwiches me between him and Christine making me feel part of it again.

I reach around and take hold of Christine's breasts, kissing her neck and shoulders while YSL caresses me from behind, Stuart gets on his knees to lick at Christine’s pussy. YSL moves round to enjoy Christine’s breasts as I continue to kiss and nibble her neck, you can tell by her breathing she is adoring being centre of attention, covered in eager hands and mouths. 

We move to the bed and Christine takes hold of YSL’s cock and starts sucking and wanking him between her huge breasts, Stuart grabs nipple clamps out of a draw and eagerly tries to attach them to me, he struggles at first as my nipples are bigger than the claps when fully open so I have to assist him attaching them, it’s a problem I’m quite used to. I lie back and he goes down on me licking at my cunt whilst fingering me. I foolishly allow myself to engage in an internal conversation about how lacking in oral skills Stuart is by comparison to YSL, although by most men’s standards still fairs above average. My inner contemplation runs to how unbalanced our swinging is and that we must find friends that mirror our passion and ability, for me it’s like turning up to a party with an amazing, expensive limited edition bottle of wine and being hand a glass of vin rouge in return.

I gave myself a shake and focused on YSL who is now licking Christine and holding my hand. I find my arousal flood back as I concentrate on what is the truly erotic site of us 4 all entwined and engaged in sexual acts with each other. Stuart gets some lube and starts to work his hand inside me and fists me as he is licking. I reach back and grasp one of Christine’s breasts and start to climax.

I take Stuarts cock in my mouth, still lay on my back and encourage his hips so he starts to fuck my mouth as he pulls enthusiastically on the chord attached to the nipple clamps. Christine relieves him of the chords and pulls them hard while Stuart reverts to licking my cunt, he excuses himself from face fucking duties as he was clearly near cumming and wanting to hold back. He gets me to cum again and starts to put on a condom ready to fuck me. 

Christine is cumming again, Stuart is looking at her wide eyed and in disbelief of how much she is climaxing. I lie on my side and hold onto Christine, taking a breast in my mouth while Stuart penetrates me. The angle isn’t quite right for me to get close to cumming so after a few minutes I move back round so I’m on my back, Stuart starts fucking me again and before long collapses in a shuddering heap, he cums so hard and it lasts for what seems like minutes, he needs holding close, he almost becomes child like at this moment and needs the closeness and physical reassurance. Initially when we first met them Christine warned us of how powerful his climaxes were and that he would turn to her when he cums but as our friendship has developed he is happy to stay in my arms at these moments.

So much play and fucking then ensued, mainly choreographed by YSL, I popped to the bathroom mid play and returned to find Christine enjoying a spit roast and YSL invited me to enjoy her cunt at the same time, the angle wasn’t right but I took the opportunity to enjoy the sight of his cock pushing in to Christine and I manipulated her clit at the same time. Next position for a first for all of us I think, me and Christine did a 69, me on the bottom, her cunt on my face and YSL fucking her hard from behind, affording me the best seat in the house and the position to lick and taste both. Christine is fingering my cunt and Stuart is feeding her his cock. I was never going to cum but the pleasure of being so close and watching Christine’s cunt as it came was a delight.

Next notable position we ended up in was again another first. I was bent over being fucked at the edge of the bed by Stuart, Christine moved under me, sucking and playing with my breasts while YSL fucked her, all parties cumming at different moments making it extremely frantic and passionate.

Stuarts cock was beyond recovering so I moved to enjoy watching YSL fuck Christine, she was rubbing her own clit but YSL moved her hand away and I took over, rubbing her and touching his cock as it moved in and out. I could tell she was close to another climax, her clit was so hard under my fingers and her noises and breathing so frantic. I hold her cunt, pressing my fingers firmly against her as she cums hard. YSL continues to fuck her and I move round to hold his balls whilst idling playing with Stuarts cock again in hope of resurrecting. I can tell YSL is close to cumming and I let go of him so I don’t inadvertently put him off his stride and I want to watch as his climax sweep through him. After taking a moment and dealing with the full condom YSL goes down on her again, Stuart exclaiming he was putting all men to shame as he passionately ate her cunt until she was a climaxing mess. 

We spent a moment lay on the bed in our partner’s arms, talking and discovering more about each other, it seems the initial portrayal of whilst enjoying swinging everything else is quite vanilla it turns out spanking and clamps are also favourites so next time we meet the breakfast menu should have a few more spicy options! 

Conversation turns to my nipples, envy and appreciation being the topic as we start to get ready to leave. On our way back we stop off for lunch together, moments like these I treasure more than those in the bedroom, just chatting and enjoying each other, doing the ordinary. We have the rest of the day together and the night so we plan our pleasure and review our feelings of the mornings playtime. 

Back at YSL towers we strip and climb into bed, this is such a wonderful moment, the ‘take back’ sex, the moment we come back together and enjoy the intimacy. He holds me so closely and I can feel his cock harden against me. I turn so I’m on my back, he is on his side as he pushes inside me, slowly making love to me and making me feel so wanted as he holds me firmly. His cock feels so significant inside me as I cum, my cunt gripping onto him, its the strongest climax of the day and I’m still shuddering as I feel him stiffen and swell ready to spill inside of me.

The past 2 nights had seen little sleep and I needed it, YSL encouraged me to sleep and promised to stay with me and hold me. Within minutes I drift off and wake about an hour or so later with him still holding me close. As I move our mixed cum spills from my cunt, the feeling is so arousing it sets me off and I beg for him to pleasure me again and of course he indulges me.


  1. Seriously hot! A tale like this inspires orgasms in its readers. And the shots are gorgeous. As someone who enjoys an all-you-can-eat buffet as much as he does sex, I appreciated this post.


  2. Wow! Pretty mind-blowing.


  3. that was hot... I hope you got a much deserved rest sometime afterwards.... LOL

  4. now this is when i wish we were still playing x

  5. This is a beautiful tale, and that last photo is one of the most erotic ones you've published. I'm glad you were kind to Christine and Stuart; perhaps they can't perform at your level yet, but give them time. They certainly have the desire!

  6. I do remember both body hunger &inner deeps hunger,,i cannot find any difference ,,hunger 4 food exactly the same as inner deeps,s (mustafa)