Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TMI - 35 favours

31 Sexual Favors for her/him features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave your partner utterly satisfied. You could drop one in her purse or in his lunch as a hint of what’s to come later or to hint at what sexual delight you’d like to savor.

This TMI Tuesday let’s play our own 31 Sexual Favors. List 31 unique and exciting sexual activities or services you’d put on your very own tokens that are guaranteed to make you the favorite flavor of the week.

I'm doing a what I want list....

1. Spank me
2. Kiss me passionately
3. Fist me
4. Lick me
5. Pass the Hitachi
6. Anal sex
7. Tie me up
8. Flog me
9. Pegs on nipples
10. Pegs on lips
11. Blindfold
12. Ear plugs
13. Bite me
14. Rim me
15. Use my holes
16. Fuck my mouth
17. Tease me with your cock
18. Cum inside me
19. Massage
20. Sit on your face
21. Crop me
22. Flog my breasts
23. Choose someone to fuck me
24. Tell me something filthy you want to see me do
25. Fist my arse
26. Pin me down and abuse my clit
27. Hold my head down as your flaccid cock grows in my mouth
28. Dp me with a sex toy
29. Make me cum so much I cry
30. Hold me close
31. Tell me you love me

And a few just for YSL (some off my list)

1. I will sit on your face and wank you
2. Fuck my mouth
3. Hold my head down as your flaccid cock grows in my mouth
4. Sit on my face so I can rim you
5. Wank until you cum in my arse
6. I will masturbate for you
7. Lick me till I cover you in cum
8. Use all my holes for your pleasure
9. I will abuse your cock for only my pleasure
10. Feed your cock into another woman
11. Share your cock orally with another woman

I'm sure he could add a few more to the list....

(Running short on time or kinky ideas? …at least list 10 sexual favors). Have fun my little sexies

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  1. I don't know how we missed this post on Tuesday, but better late than never, I suppose! We enjoyed reading your list, and love the way you managed not only 31 favors for yourself but some for YSL as well! It's nice also that some items overlapped from one list to the other!

  2. Like you, I did a what I want list.

    YSL list:

    8. Oh KG would love for me to give him that favor.

    Correction: Go see who else is playing TMI Tuesday at: