Tuesday, 13 April 2010

TMI Tuesday

I missed last weeks so doing that one cos its more naughty! much more me don't you think

TMI Tuesday #231 - Sexual Healing
1. Name one thing that turns you on with unprecedented successhaving my neck kissed, it so turns me, having my man stood behind me pulling me in close, feeling his hardness as he kisses me... melting here at the thought

2. Quick! Look around you and name 3 ordinary items that could be used sexually.Sat in office at the minute and the bottle of tattinger looks promising, the can of deodrant in the drawer...hmmm iwonder if the bull dog clip will hurt? (failing all that the bag of sex toys in the bottle drawer of the cabinate!!)

3. Do you consider sex good even if you don't orgasm?

yes, if its done right I dont think orgasms have anything to do with good sex, everything that is done should have a physical reward or mental reward. Sometimes just to be naked and held can be so much more rewarding than a climax.

4. If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what sexual position or act would you like to experience from the other side?

I'd love to wank! to feel my cock extended from me and grip it. would also like to feel the difference of pushing inside a pussy and an ass.

5.Describe a sexual fantasy in 10 words or less.

Tide up, blind folded, lover brings in stranger to fuck me

Bonus (optional): Pretend you're a doctor and a patient has come in with an "ache". What is your course of "treatment"?

Take 4 times oraly or insert in ass !


  1. LOL
    Great answers, great advice too Doc.

  2. Yes last week's questions were definitely more TMI and this weeks! Though I love the reason you didn't answer this last week.;) Lucky you!! hehehe

    #1, yes please!