Sunday, 11 April 2010

Limits M to P

Ive started to appraise the limits list I posted a week past Monday. There are loads so I'm doing them in batches. Some I need help with explaining what the hell they are lol!

Ive had so many messages on this I was thinking of adding a page to my blog for you guys to send in your top do's and defo wont's. let me know what you think?

Manacles and Irons - ooo yes
Manicures (giving) - lmao have you seen my nails!
Massage (giving) - yes, love it, so sensual
Massage (receiving) - see above
Medical scenes - yep, bought the busband some scrubs, was hoping for a full ER George Clooney thing but he tried them on said they would be great for deorating in! FFS do I need to take out a front page advert?
Modeling for erotic photos - love it, done it twice
Mouth bits - love to ty
Mummification - suppose this is a step on from immobilisation, depends on if id by bound and pleasured or if your just bound and left alone cos that isnt going to do
Name change (for scene)
Needle Play - like to watch but scared to try
Nipple clamps - yes please and hard
Nipple rings (piercing) - got the one done
Nipple weights - not tried YET
Oral/anal play (rimming) yep, giving anf recieving
Over the knee spanking - love it especially with some role play thrown in
Orgasm denial - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Orgasm control - double mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Outdoor scenes - can be fun but always prefer the comforts of a bedroom
Pain (severe) - hmm so subjective cant answer
Pain (mild) - yes
Persona training (in scene) - que?
Personal modification (rl) - que?
Phone sex (serving Dom) nope
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends) nope
Phone sex (commercial provider) nope
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce) yes
Piercing (permanent) yes
Plastic surgery - if you're paying???
Prison scenes - sounds fun! (can any one remember prisioner cell block H? vinegar tits!)
Prostitution (public pretense) nope
Prostitution (actual) nope (unless dinner and drinks count as payment)
Pony slave - dont get it
Public exposure - nope
Punishment scene - yes please
Pussy/cock whipping - mmmmm this can be sooo good if done right
Pussy worship - come pray at the alter!


  1. Excellent list. I am a professional pussy worshipper.

  2. what's your qualifications?? :-)