Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tired and Tender

Collected HIM from the airport yesterday morning, we kissed, held each other a moment and he whispered to drive somewhere private. We ended up in middle of the countryside. He told me to get out the car and stand next to him as he sat in the passenger seat. I was soaking wet already in anticipation, he pushed his hand straight inside me and took me to the edge, I was ready to let go and he stopped. He move to my clit and teased me until I was about to cum again. He stopped.

He kept taking me nearer, each time I was trying not to let him know I was about to cum be he knows me too well. He told me he wasn't going to let me cum. I had to wait until the evening when we got to the hotel.

As ever I was early and he was late, I was lay on the bed in a slip, stockings and boots, with a vibrator inside me as instructed but switched off. I was soaking wet again, as id got dresses for him my anticipation was trickling down my thighs.

He moved onto the bed kissed me passionately and switched the toy on and told me i wasn't allowed to cum still. He took out the ribbons and restraints and started at my feet and bound my legs together. Ensuring the vibrator was right on my clit, telling me not to cum or it would be my last of the night.

He placed my wrists in cuffs and secured them to my neck so I could interfere. I was totally at his mercy. He turned me over straddled my calves and then proceeded to fist me. It was so intense, trying to not cum, I was begging him to let me so he gagged me and told me I had to wait 5 more minutes. He started to work his fingers of his other hand inside and then told me if I took both I could cum. He began pushing inside me and I knew I couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer so I pushed back onto him feeling him stretch me so open, pushing through a limit and as i did I get so much, I squirted over him.

The vibrator was pushing on my raw sensitive and swollen clit and it was like being plug into the mains, I wanted it removed but he said I'd have to cum again before that could happen. He alternated between fucking my cunt and ass until I came again. He untied my legs and forced them apart and proceeded to fuck me hard then slipped his hand in next to his cock and wanked himself off inside me.

After a bottle of wine and a carpet picnic he push me down on the bed and forced himself inside me holding my neck as he moved slowly but with such intent. I decided to fight back and took hold of his hair and kissed him hard, pushing him back onto the bed and smothering him in my cleavage. I told him to wank himself hard. He did.

I held him by the throat, something he hadn't experienced and it surprised him how arousing it was. The feeling of venerability and domination. He was so hard when I offered my ass back to him.

As he neared cuming he stopped and started to fist me again, this time though he placed the glass butt plug inside me. Its a challenge to take as it has 2 large bulbous points. He was gentle and coached me as I stretched around it each time. Once inside he hand disappeared inside me again and he them found the top of the glass butt plug and pushed it out one notch telling me to push it back inside as he did it. He kept doing this, building up pace and rubbing my clit as he did so. The feeling of both holes being so full and the attention to my clit was too much and within a few minutes I collapsed into a shuddering orgasm. He withdrew his hand and covered in my cum he wanked until he came over me.

I fell asleep in his arms, feeling so adored. I woke before him this morning and woke him holding his stiff cock and begging for it to be inside. He stuffed my panties in my mouth and then proceeded to abuse all my holes but not allow me to cum. He was spanking my with his bare hand then switched to the paddle. Attached pegs to my nipples, I was so on the edge, his fingers in both holes, when he slipped his little finger in my peehole and pressed the bullet onto my clit. It was such an intense sensation, I started to cum and he pressed onto my gspot and started to milk it hard. I swear it was the most intense orgasm Ive ever had. I was trembling and shaking for minutes after as he held me pushing gently inside me to finish off entwined together making love.

Sat at desk now with a delightful ache where he has spanking, stretched and teased, wishing for more but having to wait for a few weeks more.


  1. THAT is an amazing homecoming! *whew, fans self*

  2. You had a very active home coming ready for him.

  3. Totally erotic just picture the scenes in my head, glad im not the only one who enjoys these things

  4. Nitebyrd and Richard... well you got to try!

    M4Fun ... nope you arent alone x