Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

First thank you to all my readers, lurkers and commentators alike, my twitter friends and fellow bloggers. I hope 2013 was everything  you wished for and 2014 brings you more.

It's been a strange year for me blog wise. Following the blog awards ridicousness and the stream of hateful messages for months after and continued trolling by misguided idiots I have struggled to keep up posting as much. I started blogging to have an outlet and a friend to talk to about my adventures and I have neither the time or requirement of negativity or abuse so I have not felt inclined to share as much. 

I'm still undecided on whether to take the blog private or even retire it. Time will tell this year I'm sure. 

It's 18mths since Mum died and I'm able to reflect these days on the positive memories which I now find a comfort. Dad recently announced he is getting married which I feel uneasy with for so many reasons but mainly as the new girlfriend is isolating him from us. I'm trying not to be selfish but it's hard when he has been so close and integral to the family I hate him being taken away from us.

Home life is much the same, I've lost count of the years since me and the husband were last intimate, at a guess if say 6 or 7 years now. Thankfully YSL fills this void in my life as I'm pleased we are still together as a family unit. The kids are a source of such joy, they are growing into such wonderful people and I do think having a stable happy family home is key to their continued development.

2013 has been a great year for myself and YSL, as ever I've found him a source of strength, a person to confide in and I feel deeply loved and wanted by him. This year we travelled to Cap D'Agde again, our 3rd year we have managed a full weeks holiday there together. We have had many trips away in the UK and indulged in more new swingers clubs including CJ's in Glasgow and Chameleons in Birmingham, the later being our favourite. 

We have experienced some amazing group sex, BDSM acts and as ever thoroughly enjoyed each other in a sexual sense. We've also endured some dire sexual encounters that thankfully we can laugh about and count as a learning experience.

More so in the past few months we have provided such support to each other business wise. YSL has listened when I needed an ear and given my reassurance at a much needed time. 

2014 may bring change as YSL might be working out if the area for a long period but I'm confident that whatever changes it brings we will cope with, adapt and continue our relationship. 

Thank you YSL for being there for me, I couldn't love you more xxxx

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  1. Hi, Yummy!

    I've been absent from the Blogosphere for a while, and haven't checking in her for too long.

    I'm sorry there are still some asshats out there making you feel uncomfortable. If you ever do decide to go private with the blog, I hope you would consider putting me on your guest list. (iamchitowngirl@gmail.com)

    I've loved reading your posts over the years. I've been able to live vicariously through your adventures with YSL. Thank you for that! I've recently found myself in a similar situation within my own home (can't remember the last time I've gone this long without ANY intimacy) so I love that I have your blog as an escape.

    Happy New Year to you and YSL! I hope 2014 brings nothing but health, happiness and prosperity!!