Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TMI Tuesday - done the most

I didn't get to do last weeks Think Kink as I was in Paris but ive just done it HERE so please take a look

We want to know what thing you’ve done the most times.
1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
I think spoons is likely to be the most likely as its one of my favorites, I adore feel YSL so close to me and his arms around me. Just his warmth pressed against me and he often kisses my neck and whispers to me his thoughts, desires or tells me the things we have done together or about to embark on.

2. What book have you read …?
Thats got to be Nancy Friday, My Secret Garden, certain pages are falling out and well thumbed with damp fingers from masturbating while reading it. 
Its just hundreds of fantasies people have written in to her to rationalise and evaluate, I must admit to not paying much attention to the 'what that means' part. http://nancyfridayfantasies.com/

3. What movie have you watched …?
The most times is probably a kids film, Ice Age or Monsters Inc, and these days the Twilight saga I almost know word perfect but thats not been through choice. Usual Suspects and PS I Love Youprobably rank pretty high in number of times watched.

4. In the last week, who have you texted … ? (no names, list the relationship or type of person) My Dad we text each other loads

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten …? 
Too many snacks! with traveling last weekend, 6hours of driving without any stops and a car full of kids Ive sickened myself on Maoam's and crisps!

6. Today, which website have you visited …? 
www.sextoysociety.com what a great source of information and links to great sex bloggers all around the globe

7. When dining out, where have you eaten …?
Im not going answer this directly as its too specific to where I live but I will share my favorite type of food is a good steak and YSL introduced me to the Brazilian Rodizio Grill concept and we have been a few times, each time I have loved it.

8. Which sex toy have you used …?
The Hitachi! and I'm pleased to say YSL has just confirmed its packed for our night away tonight :)

BonusIs there something you’d love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
(Thank you to Husband of Two Sexual Minds for this week’s bonus question)
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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  1. Great answer to #1. That so many of us went with missionary just goes to show how exceptional you are. ;)

    Our own copy of My Secret Garden is very well-thumbed. A girl I was dating in my late teens or early twenties had given me a copy, and it's remained on our bookshelf ever since.

    You had us worried about Twilight until you clarified that it wasn't by choice. The Usual Suspects is a masterpiece, and when it was new I had in fact watched it over and over, to the extent that I should probably edit my own answer.

    Thanks for the link in #6! We'll need to bookmark that.