Monday, 18 June 2012

TMI - Happy Birthday

1. What star sign are you?


Just grabbed this off the net from HERE and it is frighteningly close to the truth!

Your sexuality is lively, lusty and adventurous. You love to break new ground, in sexual encounters as in everything else and you are quite willing to go for what you want. Ruled by Jupiter, the grand leader of the gods, you are expansive and all-encompassing in your tastes and interests.

You are uninhibited, ready to make love on impulse and not impressed with delaying tactics, or feeble, wimpy attempts to win your favour.

The most important issue for you is truth and honesty. You hate intolerance in all its forms (how's that for logic...?) and you are as open about your desires and sexual needs as you are about everything else.

Guilt and shame are foreign to your sexual persona and you do not have much patience with more convoluted souls in these matters. Lusty Sagittarius lays the cards on the table (and that might be a good place to get started...!).

Most people find you disarmingly friendly and you appreciate openness in return. Sex for you is fun and can be a doorway into higher awareness. You are anything but conservative in sexual matters and you are a sucker for the new and exotic, especially things redolent of adventure and far-away places.

Admirers should take note that making plans for travel at the drop of a hat, or intimate accounts of personal experiences in foreign parts will get your juices running. This should be followed immediately by passionate sex before the urge ebbs away..

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?

I didn't until I found that above! I do like the fun of them but I'm a firm believer in controlling our own fate and destiny.

3. When is your birthday?
December :) it has its draw back being so close to Christmas, often too many friends are busy with works parties and my pet hate is all my favourite restaurants switch to the 'Christmas menu" and reduce the standards of service just in time for my celebration.

4. What’s the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?

I think the gift of nothing was the worst especially as I thought he was kidding and I kept asking when I was getting my surprise all day. it all added to the embarrassment and annoyance later.

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people’s birthdays?
No, I'm terrible for forgetting others birthdays until the actual day but always make it up by trying to pick a great gift and a meaningful card.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
Drinks with friends is the normal for me, I generally have to arrange it though which Id rather someone else did. Kids normally bake me a cake that needs a health warning on it! I used to enjoy going out for dinner but as above I tend to avoid these days with the Christmas thing taking over so hubby normally buys in ingredients for a meal he cant cook and I have to rescue it.

7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I think there are 2 ages that have brought with them positive change in my life  28 and 36. At 28 I really felt I knew who I was and had my goals so clearly fixed and I knew how to achieve them. I was very work focused though and when the children came along that changed. At 36 though I really found myself again, I took back control and made some positive changes in my life that brings me to this point in my life, I'm reasonably successfully work wise, I have brilliant and well mannered children, I have a lover that gives me so much joy and pleasure.

8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
Food and drink with friends would be great, I wish that could include YSL, I'd love them to meet him but alas that will remain a fantasy.

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?

The birthday just gone was probably my best, not the actual day as that was pretty crappy but 10days later YSL took me away and indulged me in a luxury weekend, packed full of love, great food, fantastic sex and some sight seeing. We spent so much time wrapped up in each others arms and just being close, I can still picture us giggling are we rolled around of the bed together.

This year is the big 40 for me, I'm dreading it for not the ageing reason but because I've heard that there is a surprise party in the offing. Just hoping he doesn't try to invite anyone I've used as overnight excuses to stay at YSL's!!

I'm sure me and YSL will have our own fun party to celebrate, I quite fancy the idea of a naughty party of our own with some of our friends new and old.
Bonus, Bonus:  May we see you in your birthday suit? (post a photo)


  1. All so true and all very much Yummy.

    The section in Q1 completely sums up the whole personality of Yummy, practical, pragmatic, thoughtful, clear minded but very sexual and without boundaries or prejudices.

    I think that this post is one of the deepest insights into our favourite blogger.

    YSL xx

  2. Don't be scared of 40. By far the best sex of my life was after I crossed that milestone.

    1. How about 30? That seems like a scary milestone for many people. Myself in particular.

  3. love, love your birthday suit!!
    you are hawt!!!

  4. The horoscope you found really suits you! Like you, we don't pay our horoscope much heed, but if we found one that accurate it might change our minds!

    Beautiful picture!

  5. You are right not to worry about the age thing, secret parties though? *shudders* that's dire, I'm sure you will enjoy it once it gets going x

  6. 1. :...Guilt and shame are foreign to your sexual persona"


    BTW...I am ruled by Jupiter as well but for a different reason. Find out why at "The Pleasure Principle"

    4. I gave that same answer.

    Bonus: "...giggling as we rolled around of the bed together."

    I want that for this year's birthday.

    Bonus, Bonus: this is exactly why I came to this blog today :-) :-)

    Happy TMI Tuesday!