Friday 1 June 2012

Stress relief

I messaged YSL to say I needed either a hard fuck or a big hug, too much on my plate at the moment and stress is through the roof.

I walked in to his house still on a work call, as I hung up he took hold of my hand and led me upstairs. As we entered the bedroom he took hold of my wrists and threw me back on the bed, he pushed himself against me, grinding himself against my crotch.

In one swift tug he removed my knickers and leggings before passionately eating my cunt. It doesn't take long of him eating me in this way to have me close to cumming, my mind is awash with the whole ferocity of everything he is doing.

"get on your knees" he growls at me

"expose your arse for me" I'm expecting a hard cock being inserted imminently.

I heard the swoosh before I realised it was the crop I was getting. I scream as the searing sting rips through me, clawing at the bed and pulling away.

"get back here" he makes it clear I'm not to move.

Another strike, even harder, instinct makes me move but he physically puts me back in position.

It's never felt so hard, the cropping earlier in the week must of left me sensitive still. Each strike has me screaming, my eyes watering and my skin burning.

"2 more" he says as I try not to clench it only makes it hurt more but it's hard not to anticipate the pain. As the last strike leaves me biting the pillow he stars to remove the rest of my clothes.

"lie back of the bed" I'm so ready for his cock now.

"open your legs" more oral or fisting I hop for but instead I realise he hasnt relinquished the crop. My cunt receives an onslaught of sharp crop blows, YSL focusing on my lips covering my clit. I try to close my legs but he forces them open for more attention. I try to reach out and cover my cunt but he holds my wrists restraining any attempt.

YSL strips and his cock is rigid for me, I need him inside but he isn't done with me yet. He mounts my face and fucks my mouth, filling my throat so I'm gasping between strokes, he pushes deep and holds it so I'm without air. I feel him part my lips and expose my clit as I'm cumming up for breath. His hand smacks against my cunt, the surprise and intensity takes my breath immediately away again.

He pulls out and moves forward enough to rest his arsehole on my face and starts to masturbate my exposed swollen clit while I try to concentrate enough to rim him. He pushes back onto me letting me get deeper, restricting my breathing as he ups the ferocity of his wanking of my clit. I start to cum and my whole body is shaking as the pleasure rips through me.

I have no time to recover "on your knees again" his cock is slammed in up to the hilt before he rides me harder than ever, his balls slap my clit and lips with every thrust.

I start to cum again as he grasps my breasts roughly and uses them to anchor himself firmly inside.

I feel the coldness of the lube then the heat as he uses the warming gel on my arse. He pushes in with his fingers to open my up before sliding in his length, no pause for adjustment. I'm back biting the pillow as my passage burns and tries to accommodate his entirety.

YSL fucks my arse harder and deeper than ever, gabbing handfuls of hair and steering my position as he abuses my holes. When he finishes fucking me he returns to sit next to me of the bed and place my head next to his cock and starts to wank himself just out of reach of my hungry mouth.

"I want your cum" I gasp, he rams his cock deep in my mouth and fills my throat with the warmth I asked for.

His arms wrapped around me giving me kisses and care that I needed before slowly stroking my clit until I came in his arms.

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