Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sinful Sunday - purple

Picture was taken last week, we had been to the club but not played, too many single guys. When we walked to the play rooms it had been like a sketch from Benny Hill as the guys chased us.

Both in the mood for a more intimate setting we headed back to YSL's. I took of my dress and waited for YSL to strip the rest of me a take me to be his.

Sinful Sunday


  1. The Benny Hill reference made us laugh; we've both fond memories of staying up and getting a naughty thrill watching it on television. And the shot is breathtaking. Your stocking-clad thighs look wonderful and very inviting. Excellent job contrasting the purple against the black & white.

  2. I can just imagine all the guys chasing after you two.

    Happy Sinful Sunday.

  3. Purple is such a sexy colour!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I love stockings and garters, or whatever they're called. :) Sexy!

  5. Love the splash of luscious purple in the black and white image!
    Your words made me laugh, I can totally picture the scene in the club.

    xoxo Jana

  6. Nice, bet he had a fabulous time :p

  7. Alright, now I've got that mental image of you and YSL being chased to the music of Benny Hill firmly in place....

    Love it. You sexy bitch :D


  8. I love the Benny Hill analogy... and yes on one of our rare trips to a club like this we have teased them terribly by leading them a merry dance from room to room.


  9. I certainly cannot blame the boys for chasing you around! I think I might to have liked to play chase as well. ;)

  10. Sexy garter. It does it for me every time!

  11. The Benny Hill reference - so so funny!!! The photo is superb!!!

    ~Mia~ xx