Wednesday, 23 May 2012

9 more sleeps - hope I don't get turned away

Just over a week now till our Paris and London trip. The naught details of what we have planned fir part if the trip are HERE I'm so excited, not just for the club but for sharing a wonderful experience together. For all the places I've travelled in Europe, including France, Paris is somewhere I've never been too.

I've picked a few outfits ready, I'm opting for classy/sultry if that's a style! I get the impression, from the little there is to read about the club, up market is the way to go so it's my usual Audry Hepburn/Garbo look! I might even treat myself to some new pearls for the occasion.

The pic is if the dress I'm wearing for the big night, would you do me? :)

We have a back up plan for the night as the door sounds like its ran by the fashion Gestapo and I don't know what the BBW policy is, there are some clubs that dont let anything less than perfect through the door and perfect i am not unless its perfectly Yummy you want!

If we do get turned away I know it will be disappointing but as ever we will make the most of our night regardless!


  1. The dress is gorgeous. I've been to Paris but never played there, so I don't know the local customs. But they'd be a fool not to let someone as hot as you in.

  2. We'd both do you in that dress. Have a wonderful time, and we can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  3. Can't see how anyone in their right mind would turn you away looking like that.

  4. Yummy, that dress is to die for! Have a great time, you're going to knock 'em dead xxxxx