Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Swing Club with YSL

We arrive at the club at about 9ish and enjoy a drink at the bar after a brief show round the club, both just relaxed and enjoying each others company. The heat from the pool makes it feel like we are on holiday and ysl was impressed with the quality and cleanliness of the place. There were a few couples dotted about poolside some dressed, some in sexy underwear and some just with towels.

He wouldn't fuck me or give me relief back at the hotel and he knew how aroused I was as my panties had been ruined earlier and I was back in the same state as he stroked my thighs.

He took my hand and we went upstairs to the play rooms, stopping at the changing room to loose some clothes. I was wearing a black slip and a black diamonte bra (nipple chains under ready to look my best when the bra came off).

We went to the pleasure room, it was the room kitted out with the restraints, sex swing and a few other bdsm and fetish equipment. I was about to head for the bed in the corner when ysl stopped me. He took hold of my wrist and strapped it in place, then the other. I'm attached to the wall, he straps my ankles next, I'm totally helpless and totally his.

I was so wet at it was down my thighs, he leans in and holds me, he reassures me and reminds me to say red at any point, then he starts to tell me how much he wants me, how much I turn him on, how attractive he finds me... His words are so soothing and arousing.

He tells me how he wants other people to touch me, to share me, I start to beg, I need to cum, he has me so aroused I swear I'm about to cum without his touch. He won't do it. He tells me he might let someone else make me cum. From that point every creak of the floor boards sends electric through my clit.

A few couples pass the door but don't enter, the noise of them being so close was arousing enough. Someone enters the room, I can't even raise my head to look I'm so scared but so wanting and aroused. YSL moves close and kisses me, I know he is signally to them that thus is just us 2, ysl thinks they aren't right. He tells me how whoever touches me has to be good enough for me, I know that he would be protecting but I never knew how lived I'd feel when it happened.

His hands move between my thighs but just to tease and to feel how wet I am as he continues to talk to me, making me feel so wanted, aroused and attractive. Every now and then he stepped back and admired me from across the room, i can see him drinking in the moment and the view, i feel vulnerable but also so safe in his care. A few more couples enter the room but don't meet mine or YSL's standards or preference. He knows I need relief and unties me. Again I'm about to make fir the bed but ysl had I better idea.

There us a bench, like a weights bench, it's meant to be fir the fucking machine but it was out of order. He tells me to straddle the bench and lie forward. I follow his instruction and feel myself so open and exposed despite still having my panties on in this position.

He starts to spank me, the noise of each strike and my low moans of pleasure get peoples attention and I can see feet from my position stop and watch for a while. He leans in and whispers "show me your cunt" he spanks it firmly, again, again. I start to flinch and instinctively arch my back to hide my cunt but he tells me again "show me your cunt" stroking his fingers over the drenched fabric, I'm so close to cumming, he spanks me hard and fast and I start to cum, I notice more feet and the awareness if being watched adds to the excitement and release. I'm shuddering and quivering with the intensity of my orgasm.

He tells me I need to take 5 more, its so intense now after cumming, I know 5 will be near my limit. 1, I gasp,2, it's so much to take, 3,4 omg not sure If I can do it, I move instinctively again and he tells ne to put it back "show me your cunt" 5... 6.... Fuck he can't count!! 7 he stops and tells me well done. An audience had appeared and he didn't want to stop.... Me neither, I adored him pushing me, taking charge, making me do it.

I sit up and ysl sits in front of me and holds me. He is hard and stroking his cock as he looks adoringly at me. I can tell by his face and eyes he is so pleased with me. I go to touch his hard cock but he grabs my wrist and stops me. I'm only to watch, he sits back and admires me again. His cock now fully exposed I lean forward and take him in my mouth. Slowly I lick and suck the tip, enjoying the precum as it weeps from his cock. He gets up and tells me to move further up the bench. I feel ysl sit behind me and pull my panties aside. His hardness pushes inside me making me gasp. I sit up and push back he holds me tightly and starts fucking me hard. His cock feels so hard and thick inside me, the angle and the way my cunt is stretch open for him by the bench mean every thrust is driving me wild.

He spanks my ass as he pounds me harder, I know he is close to cumming, his cock has just gone even harder, he slows down then pauses, I know he won't cum in my cunt no matter how much I beg him for it, he starts pounding again and I start to cum again. I'm oblivious to the room full of people now. Im just cumming for my lover.

We head down stairs for a drink, im in need of replacing the fluids hat are streaming down my thighs. As we stand at the bar a couple pass comment on how long we had been and how it looked like we were enjoying ourselves. I glanced at the clock, it was gone 1 am! I thought we had only been up there an hour or so. They must have been a pair of the feet I could see watching us. We talk briefly with them, they comment how in tune we were and wondered how long we had been together. They were shocked to hear 4 months with how comfortable we both were, it made me smile knowing other can see what we feel.

We head back upstairs and wander along to the orgy room, we had seen some couples go along there while we were having our drinks. When we got there on one side of the room 2 couples were entwined in a mass of heavy bodies. We went into the room to the other side and pleasured each other as we watched. Another couple enter the room and start fucking but I look past them as Im more interested in the 4some that was in full throws. YSL starts fucking me as we watch, just slowly, perfectly, as we enjoy the live show that was unfolding before us. One of the girls moves to straddle one of the guys cocks and the other girls sits on his face while the last guy moves round to fuck her ass but the angle isn’t quite right but the anticipation and action was so arousing none the less for me. The leave the room and its just me and YSL, fucking and enjoying that people can see but not performing for them, it was just us two allowing people to see our intimacy.

He starts to fist me and sucks my clit, it was what I needed at that moment, I didn’t need to ask, YSL mst of sensed my need or needed it himself. As I cum another couple enter the room, They go to the far side, like ourselves happy to be watched but there for each other. He lies back and is wanking, I move so I can watch, YSL pushes into my ass and starts slowly fucking it. The guy lifts his head and sees im blatantly staring at his cock as he wanks, he instantly goes rock solid. YSL notices as well and whispers to me that im turning him on. That him knowing Im watching while being fuckes is making the stranger so hard. It was such an erotic sight to see, one of the most arousing things I saw the whole night beyond ourselves. YSL came deep inside me as we watched.

After they left there was much slapping and giggling going on outside the room and we went to see what was happening. The woman we had been talking to downstairs was sat in a chair and her friend, a woman was clearly skillfully licking her into a frezy. Another woman leans in and starts sucking on her breasts. I was half tempted to join in but a mixture of just enjoying watching and fear of overstepping a boundary held me back. Once she had came we move back to the pleasure room and watch while one of the 4some where tied to the wall and flogged, another is in the sex swing, and in the corner a woman being licked by her partner.

The attention turns to my nipples. The woman from earlier catches sight of my nipple jewelry and asks if she can touch. I encourage her and then after she has sucked on my nipples I take off the nipple charm and place it on hers. Taking my time to enjoy touching her breasts. All the room seems to be now taken with the non piercing nipple charms and the ample size of my nipples. Another woman comes over and starts touching and sucking my nipples, asking about my piercing and sucking on that nipple. The whole room is a buzz about them and all the ladies especially enjoying how they hold my nipples so pert. Ysl is sat behind me holding all this time. Im aroused knowing I’m receiving this attention but still so close to him, I feel so totally his, I don’t want anything that is detached from that but want everything that we can enjoy together. Myself and the woman start kissing making it clear I’m up for more but its 2:45 am and the club closes shortly. They are off home and despite her enthusiasm she has to go home. As we change they ask if we are on any websites, clearly after playing again but her husband held no interest for me, it was purely a right here right now situation for me.

We get dressed and head back to the hotel after grabbing a bite to eat. Both of us in the same frame of mind, not ready to sleep, both feeling refresh and aroused even though its 4am. We get naked and close, we spend the next 2 hours fucking, licking, sucking, holding, laughing, cuddling, loving each other in so many ways.

Some 2 hours later he woke and before I had fully opened my eyes he was parting my thighs, he was hungry for my cunt and I wasn’t grumbling! He slowly licked me, his fingers pushing inside me, his passion and skill was felt in so many ways. He made me cum twice then he knelt up between my legs, his cock so hard and ready for me, he holds my legs and pounds me. The way he fucks me reminds me of our first ever night together, the confident hard fucking, the hardness of his cock inside me. As he gets close to cumming he moves to wank over me. I suggest I sit at the top of the bed and have him sit between my legs with his ass press against me, his cock and balls pressed against my cunt and tummy. I hold him firm and wank him until he shoot his cum over me, I love watching it fire out of his swollen cock from this angle.


  1. Sounds like an amazing experience, glad you had such a good time, I'm just jealous I couldn't be there to watch!

  2. Wow what an amazing experience , sounds erotic , sensual , fun and wonderful xx

  3. SOunds like a very similar experience I had at a club a couple of weekends ago....the whole things had me buzzing and my arse ablaze....after being flogged. Very sexy post.


  4. Yes, sounds very familar to me as well... and just as arousing... can't wait to hear more...