Sunday, 21 August 2011

Last night I woke in the throws of an orgasm, fingers wet, nipples stiff

Last night I had such an erotic dream ...

Im lay on the bed, pillows under my hips, fully exposed to ysl, he soaps up my pussy and slowly shaves me, as he pays such teasing and diligent attention to my cunt he is telling me that tonight when we are out I need to follow his every instruction, if I do, when we come back to the apartment he will reward me.

Ysl choose what I should wear, a see through dress and panties, he dressed me and took my hand and led me to the first bar. There were a group of people waiting for us, a few ladies but mainly men. After introductions and a social drink we all go into the club. Ysl leads me away from everyone and whispers I promise I will be right here, nothing will happen that I don't want to see. He tells me to lie down on the centre of a huge cushion covered bed. I'm nervous with anticipation of what he has planned but so aroused by not knowing. Ysl slips on a blindfold and lies next to me, spooning me but with my leg latched over his, slowly wanking my clit. Talking in hushed tones, telling me he is about to share me. I hear footsteps approach and movement on the bed. No hands touch me yet, ysl tells me how many people are sat watching, wanking, waiting to taste me. He tells me to open my mouth for my first cock of the night. As I suck the cock, someone starts licking my cunt, other hands upon my breasts, all the while ysl is holding me and telling me how much he wants this, telling me to cum for him

I woke in the throws of a shuddering orgasm.

I wonder how much of this will occur on the holiday.

I did an audio boo if you want to hear my voice..

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  1. Being very aural, I wanted to hear your voice...but the link doesn't take me there!