Thursday, 21 July 2016

2 Million thank yous!!

It all began here with post number one on Friday 22nd January 2010 and here I am 1,073 posts later reflecting back on my blogging life having recently achieved 2 Million views!!

The whole point of starting the blog for me was to have an outlet for things that I couldn’t talk to others about, all about my naughty side and the adventures that I was starting to get in to. In those early days I just didn’t imagine or even think about where everything would lead to or where I would be over six years later. I’ve had affairs, visited swinging clubs, visited full on BDSM clubs, ventured abroad with lovers and got into no end of group sex situations in hotels and private houses. What a wild ride it has been.

The blog hit 1 Million views in early 2013 and I was really quite overwhelmed by how interested people appeared to be in my adventures and things really ramped up when an Australian newspaper featured it in their print and online editions, which resulted in 100,000 views in August of that year. I can’t find the original story, but a follow up spoiler version by a New Zealand site gave a little namecheck to the blog….along with the delightful comments below the story.

So what seems to interest people? Using the power of Google Analytics, below are the all-time keywords that led people to the blog:

Five of the top nine searches relate to Cap d’Agde. Back in 2011, the year when YSL and I first met, we also took our first trip to Cap d’Agde and I simply posted what we got up to as I had done in previous posts. These posts proved to be some of the most popular in terms of viewing numbers. Talking with YSL, whilst there are lots of sites that mention Cap d’Adge, there just wasn’t one out there that was a good contemporary guide as to what the clubs were like and just generally how things operated there beyond ‘you get naked’!!

The high point of this realisation was on our second trip to Cap d’Agde and we were curious about the Mousse Parties at Le Glamour. Sure, there were posters around the grounds of Cap d’Agde, but they didn’t say anything about dress codes, what to expect in there or anything other than the price and the opening hours. It was only from a search one morning on the iPhone that we came across the fantastic thread on One Click Chicks for Cap d’Agde that gave us the information we required to decide if it was worth missing a day at the beach.

From this, the Cap d’Agde section of the blog was born and it strongly remains the most visited section. 

Five of the highest viewed posts on the blog are Cap d’Agde ones and interestingly, given that YSL and I were initially looking for Mousse Party info, it is the first Mousse Party post that is head and shoulders the most viewed post, double that of the second most viewed…..well, the second one is just a tame fisting video :-)

In the world of hyperlinks, what are the highest referring sites? Number one is of course Google, so that will be searches of course, but interestingly, and going back to how we found out about the Mousse Parties, it is One Click Chicks that is the highest referring none search site. The widgets are internal links on the blog, so those using the random post selector etc and also in the top ten, is the wonderful Molly, which is very much driven by the excellent Sinful Sunday.

The posts themselves. I was a very active blogger in the early days and the heady excitement of being with YSL, then work and real life activities just took up so much of my time that I didn’t make a single post in 2015. I came back in 2016 with YSL writing a few posts, especially the ones from our last Cap d’Agde trip and I still enjoy taking part in Sinful Sunday and TMI 

So finally, what can I say? It is you the readers who make up the viewing figures and I genuinely am still surprised that people are interested and want to read about what I get up to. Thank you to all of you for your support, comments and I assume, possibly a little masturbation :-).

I'm guessing on the last point as a couple of weeks ago a number of visitors come to the blog via the search term below and I was ranked second after xhamster!!!

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