Friday, 11 October 2013

Proud to call him my lover

I've been swinging off and on for over 5 years now and in my time I've been fortunate to meet some really great guys, most if which I can still call a friend to this day. But along side those great people lies a long list of failures, the extremes of which upon reflection have me giggle and horrified that I even order a coffee, I should of just turned on my heels the second I saw them.

From the moment I met YSL I knew I was on to something good, the immediate connection intellectually and sexual was electric. 

Even from the early months other couples would comment about how connected we were, I remember our first swingers club visit together the couple at the end of the bar couldn't believe we had just met of a swingers website and that was before we had love in our dynamic, it was just pure lust.

These days when in a group environment I love to sit back and watch at times, I love the moment the other see YSL's cock grow, I adore seeing a woman receive oral from him like nothing they have experienced before and the moment his hard cock enters them they get to appreciate just what I get from him sexually. I've expressed this explanation before... It's like ordering the best meal in the restaurant and whilst you want to eat it all yourself you want someone else to toast it and to appreciate what it is you have.

But my pride in having YSL as my lover goes much further than that... His sexual ability and stamina I have yet to see matched (I would thoroughly enjoy the moment it is) our male friend this week, who we have played with previously commented that YSL was clearly not human!

The core of my pride though lies in YSL's sexual intelligence, his impeccable manners and social skills. Most of my previous swinging disasters have come down to a social mismatch, the blatant lack of care for others, the other party's selfish attitude to sex and of course poor hygiene!!! 

I'm always proud to be with him and to him my lover.

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