Wednesday 21 August 2013

2 nights of amazing sex - Monday

Monday got off to a slow start as YSL had a work emergency that needed to take priority. He greeted me with a passionate kiss, took hold of my cunt and massaged it through my dress and panties whilst making his excuses.

Work out of the way, dinner eaten, we took our drinks to the bedroom. As I lay back on the bed YSL parted my thighs and devoured me. Other than masturbating once while YSL has been away, this was the first touch if my clit in 2 weeks and it felt electric. YSL was clearly focused on driving me wild and making up for lost time. After cumming over him he didn't stop, his fingers were inserted and he continued until both him and the bed were drench, I was shaking and in need of being held. 

The cuddle soon changed to fucking. The sensation of his cock entering me was breath taking. We rolled around connected in many positions but end with me face down, pressed hard into the mattress as he fucked my cunt thoroughly and spilled inside me.

Whilst his cock recovered his fingers got busy manipulating my clit until I was a quivering wreck. We kissed passionately and I could feel his cock swell against my thigh as he stroked it. He rolled me over and parted my cheeks and pushed his hardness deep into my arse. It took a moment to adjust and relax, he felt so hard. YSL vigorously fucked my well lubed hole, holding my shoulder and hip as we lay in spoons position. He slammed finally inside and I felt his warmth fill me for the second time of the evening.

Being so full of him, both holes ruined, my clit was aching again for more. YSL plugged the Hitachi in a insisted a spread my leg apart. He lay behind my, my leg hooked over his hip, his hand parting my lips fully and I pressed the vibrating head directly on my swollen clit. It was as much torture as pleasure with being so aroused and hypersensitive from already cumming and playing as much. If felt an orgasm build but already new before the climax it wasn't enough, it was the one I needed. 

YSL started to talk dirty, telling me all the things I love to hear and it wasn't long before another orgasm ripped through me. I was borderline hysterical as YSL pushed his fist into me, it felt like the orgasm had possessed me and YSL was performing an exorcism. I was spraying cum of of me and covering both of us as my body just gave it to it all. The tears poured down my face as the relief was felt from letting go so much.

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