Saturday, 24 August 2013

2 nights of amazing sex - Tuesday

Back from work on the 2nd night together, we ate pizza before grabbing a sun bed. Both of us are wanting to look our best when we hit the beach next week.

Back at home, bathed and relaxed, we enjoyed some TV and margaritas before retiring to the bedroom. Our moods were relaxed and loving as opposed to the night before had been more passionate, almost frantic as we fucked for the first time in weeks. 

I tied my hair up and walked into the bedroom to discover YSL's cock in hand. He was already hard and I was loving the view. I climbed on the bed and rested my head on his thigh to continue watching as he stroked his length and his tip shed a droplet of precum. The temptation was too much so I wrapped my mouth around him and enjoyed his erection, taking my time to savour every sensation, contour and taste.

Initially I focused just on the head, licking, sucking and forcing it in to my pursed lips before moving further down his shaft until I was deep throating him. I stopped for a moment but only to lick his cock and balls before returning to taking his length in my mouth. His face told me what I was doing was right, giving him the pleasure he deserves. 

I'm very fortunate to have such a generous lover, he always strives to satisfy me which is a lot of work with my sex drive. I've had lovers end it just because I'm too sexually driven, one said I was emasculating him because I wasn't being satisfied by him. 

YSL asked me to straddle him, I move off the bed then climb on board. His hardness slips inside and fills me. I moved slowly, just enjoying the feeling as I stirred myself with his cock. YSL starts to raise his hips to meet me and the movements hits the right spot. I'm useless when I near climax I can't concentrate or maintain rhythm as the orgasm takes hold of my body and shakes me.

We move to the edge of the bed and I sit back on his cock. The full weight of me if on him, forcing his cock deeper inside. I rock gently on him and then raise myself slightly before sitting back down on him. I feel full of him, aroused but not in a position to climax but I think that's more to do with seeing myself in the mirror than the position as I certainly feel wonderfully stuff full of cock.

We change position again and end up in a wonderful knot, it feels like YSL is trying to climb inside of me cock first and that is just what I wanted and needed.

YSL moves slowly but hard, his cock pushed back inside each time with a staccato movement. I reached between my legs and start to rub myself, my nails just too long to do much above teasing myself, it felt good regardless. I felt YSL's cock slowly swell with each thrust until it felt ready to explode. His body stiffened and I felt the warmth of his cum flood inside me, such a perfect moment.

My cunt was full of him which turned me on even more, I grabbed the new Lelo toy and glided it into my soaked pussy. YSL took over the handle of the sex toy and began fucking my cunt with it. The vibrations running through me were amazing, the clit stimulator was doing its trick whilst the gspot was getting a thorough work out. I felt the orgasm start to build, my whole body was quivering as I tried to hold on to the sensation growing inside me.

The orgasm ripped through me and my cum spurted from between my thighs as YSL held me. 

Another perfect night together.

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