Monday, 22 April 2013

TMI Tuesday - sex, sex and more sex

Sorry i missed last weeks, too busy having wild sex to write about it all!!

Here's last weeks from me, I will make a start on this weeks next xx

1. Have you ever considered yourself completely sexually satisfied?
(Thank you Sex in Words for this question)

I struggled to be completely sexually satisfied but I am very satisfied with my sex life.

The more I get the more I want, YSL turns me on so much that no matter how much he has indulged and pleasured me I always ache for more of him.

A major turn on fit me is YSL cumming inside of me so no matter how good the fucking was I'm never done when he is because the second he spills inside I'm aching to cum again.

2. What was the last sexy photo you took?

Me on the bed masturbating with my gym gear still on.

3. When was the last sexy photo you took AND sexted? What was it of and to whom was it sent?

Today! I came back from the gym so aroused I just pulled my panties and leggins down to me knees and masturbated. I took a picture and emailed YSL knowing he was at a stuffy conference.

4. How is your sex-life?
a. Like a wet blanket
b. Like a warm cozy comforter
c. Like an electric blanket getting you all heated up
d. None of the above, I sleep without covers

I think it positively sizzles!!

5. What’s your idea of good foreplay?

About 10 hours of sex or maybe a group play?

Last week I found the 5hour bisexual orgy a perfect bit of foreplay for me and YSL, our sex was wonderful after that!

Bonus: Can you have a great, long-lasting sex life with the same partner? How?

I think so, I certainly don't see mine and YSL's hunger for each other dwindling. As for the how... Our constant want to give each other pleasure, both being open to new ideas and scenarios and most of all listening to each other.

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