Tuesday, 26 April 2011

TMI - random sexual facts, Easter Theme

This week's TMI Tuesday questions are courtesy of two bloggers. Me and Hedone.

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1. What sexually could you NOT give up for 40 days and 40 nights of sex?
 Kissing! Sex without kissing is soleless, I can understand why prostitutes don't kiss, it makes it personal and intimate. I believe in sex you can say more with kissing than with words. You can change the tempo, mood, who's in charge all with a kiss.

2. As the weather improves would you have sex outdoors? If yes, where?
If the mood and situation presents itself I might. Last year I enjoy a naughty picnic it was lots of fun especially when the thunder storm hit. We fucked like animals in the torrential rain, very arousing moment.

3. What is the most riskiest place you have had sex? And were you caught?
I think in a show house, it was open for viewing, people were downstairs while we fucked on the bed in the master bedroom.

4. Ever mixed food and sex? If so what was it and was it pleasurable?
Last week! If was like a scene from 9 1/2 weeks, feeding each other then he ate food out of me, including olives although not in the jar and licked  spicy salsa off my breasts, it was a feast for every sense.

5. Ever used a sex toy for something totally non sexual or something totally non sexual as a sex toy?
Yes! The son one this years Easter egg competition... Notice the body of the dalek... It's the skin of a vibrator (tee hee)

I've used lots of non sexual items for fun for example  Bottles, shoes, fly swatted, shoe horn (ouch that did sting) vegetables, pegs..  This list is endless! 

Bonus:  German immigrants introduced the Easter rabbit, a symbol of fertility for the spring holiday.  This past Sunday, did anyone attempt to fertilize your eggs 
or did you attempt to fertilize someone's eggs ;-) 
I'm afraid not, Easter Sunday I lay in bed nursing a cold most of the day. Plus I needed to recover from last weeks debauched fun!

I look forward to reading everyone's TMI answers.


  1. Love the fucking in the torrential downpour. Something about tempting Mother Nature is quite arousing.

    Great questions this week!

  2. #2 Fucking in the rain sounds amazing!! I'm going to have to try that.

  3. I've always heard that sex during a thunderstorm is cool...need to try that sometime.

    Fucking in a show house while people are downstairs is very risky! WOW! I dont have the guts for that one.

  4. I love the idea of fucking during a thunderstorm, sounds very intense!

    Hope you are feeling better after nursing that cold.

  5. You do need to recover from last week. Hell I needed to recover from reading it!

    Nice 'n' Naughty yummy...as always.


  6. Actually the prostitutes not kissing is a myth. Some clients need it more than the sex and others prefer not to. In my jurisdiction kissing is just about the only naked interaction that is allowed...bet it won't be long before even that is outlawed.