Saturday, 30 April 2011

The most intimate act

The door was open, I walked in announcing my arrival and he greets me with a smile and words of appreciation. I'm wearing a black wrap dress and orange heels, whilst I'm taller than him in them I don't feel awkward like I would Do normally, he instantly makes me feel relaxed and wanted.

He takes hold of me and kisses me firmly, his arms pulling me close to him, all the the weeks build up was worth it just for this kiss.

Within minutes he leads me by hand to the bedroom, we kiss, talk of our excitement and arousal, drink fine wine.

He pulls back the bed covers to reveal a black PVC mattress cover. He tells me to lie back. He is ready to inspect, he told me I had to be perfectly shaven for him... Or else

He lifts my dress and is pleased with my see through panties. He nibbles my thighs and licks around the exposed flesh. He pulls my panties aside and runs he finger along to discover my razor had not been used... It's was lost/stolen/destroyed (I so wanted the punishment).

He tells me to bend over, he yanks down my panties and landed the first hard smack. It was right at the upper end of my pain threshold, it was perfect. He continue to punish me until my ass was red and tender. He lent over and whispered in my ear as he pull my panties back up. He tells me next time not to disappoint him and to arrive shaven. I'm naughty and defiant and he rips down my panties again without warning and spanks me hard again.

He turns me over and removes my panties, tells me not to move and goes out the room to prepare.

He returns with a bowl, towel, razor and shaving brush. The attention he spent on detail was perfect, my clit was throbbing and had the Ben wa balls not been in place I know I was dripping wet. He uses a hot cloth on my lips to prepare me, it sent my whole cunt tingling as he firmly presses it against my fleshy lips.. Then came the unexpected pleasure, he used a shaving brush and soap to smoother my pussy, the beaver hairs caressed and teased me with every affection stroke. He knew it was driving me wild and he increased the pressure as it passed over my lips covering my clit.

He started slowly with the razor, holding me apart, I have never felt so open and exposed to someone, I felt vulnerable and totally at his mercy but I also felt his care and affection, his arousal and mine. When he was satisfied with my cunt he slowly bathed it, rinsing me and drying it. He told me to bend over, I was expecting another spanking but he started again, preparing my ass and cunt for shaving from this angle. I wasn't expecting this or for how it felt, I can only explain it as intense intimacy.

He stripped me and lay me back on the bed. He lit candles and began to rub moisturiser into my cunt and ass initially, the care I felt was washing over me like a warm wave, he held me as he rubbed every ounce in almost medically it made it feel even more. He then proceeded to moisturise and massage every inch of my body, slowly making me wait, he tells me if I hadn't of disappointed him with not shaving I could of been cumming by now. He knows as well as I do I wanted this more than cumming, I wanted to cum even more because of this.

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  1. Wonderful story. He knows what he's doing!

  2. Very creative... Perhaps it's you that knows what there doing! :-)

  3. While I would say anal sex is the most intimate act, shaving certainly calls for a high degree of trust between partners, and it's obvious you two attained that at a very early phase.