Tuesday, 10 May 2016

TMI - The Month of May

It’s the month of May AND it is time to play TMI Tuesday!

1. May 9 – Today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day. How many single socks do you have because the mate got lost?
I have no idea, but wearing single or matching pairs of socks have no place when conducting sexual activities….why?? why??? Why do people do this????

2. This month is National Bike Month (in the USA), do you own a bike? When is the last time you rode your bike?
I don’t appreciate being called a ‘bike’….I just have a high sex drive and like multiple partners. We all do don’t we?? Don’t we???

3. Of course we all know it is Masturbation Month. How are you celebrating?
We all know?? Hmmh, I was under the impression that it was Masturbation Millennium and I’m now into my 16th year of celebrating. I had a few warm up years decades in the pre Millennium period too. Here is an example of me celebrating

4. As a kid, many of us would think or say, “I don’t ever want to be like my mom (or dad)!” Now that you are grown, which parent do you think you are most like.
I am myself. I look after those around me and then give myself little rewards too.

5. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
Never look back. Being raised is nothing that you can control and I’m sure that they were doing as they thought best at the time within their knowledge and circumstances. 

Bonus: A lot of people do sexting. Do you ever have sexy talk with a real phone call? Do you rehearse what you are going to say or do it freestyle?
There is no texting between us and there have only ever been about five telephone calls at most, all of which were restricted to factual conversation, so no sexting or distance sexy talk occurring here.

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  1. I'd never refer to anyone as a 'bike' either - unless we were roleplaying and talking dirty!

  2. lol loved how you turned bike into yourself