Friday, 8 November 2013

Police prevented sex!

It's been an dry spell sex wise for me and YSL, between work an d family holidays I've only seen him once prior to last night. 

I've been so aroused waiting for last night. I had time yesterday morning to masturbate and I was tempted as I was so wound up but I decided not to and savour the moment to share with YSL.

I gig his a little early and wait for him. I had been in the kitchen but hadn't noticed what YSL was about to discover. Someone had tried to break in and had smash the window on the door!! 

Once we check no one had managed to get in and nothing had been taken YSL called the police. I had to go as I couldn't risk being on a police statement so I headed to the local supermarket and sipped tea slowly. 

Once they had left I returned and cooked tea, whilst I was in need of sexual attention we also needed tea and to calm down. The scenes of crime guys were also due so clothes were needed to remain on. 

We waited, kisses, caressed and waited more.... No sign of them and I needed to leave. YSL offered to give me some relief but I wanted everything and I would rather wait until the morning to enjoy the moment.

I had a restless night, waking to find my fingers between my thighs, I was soaked. 

The school run done I drive straight to YSL's but was confused to discover him dressed and downstairs as opposed to naked in bed waiting for me. The glazier was due between 9 and 12!!!! 

A strong coffee was needed and we both got on with some work to distract us from the urge to pounce on each other. I needed to leave by 12 for a meeting so every moment counted. By 11 I had resigned myself to another week without sex. Again YSL offered to masturbate me but I wanted all of him, not just him trying to placate my sexual needs. Besides I think it would only make me worse.

The door went and the glazier got to work. Thankfully he was pretty quick and as he drove off my clothes were hitting the bedroom floor. We had 20 minutes and I was planning on making every second count.

We held each other close and I could feel his cock grow hard instantly and he move to between my thighs. I felt every inch of him slip inside me as he held my ankles.

He slowly moved inside me until my first orgasm started to build and he increased the depth and how hard with each thrust until I was shuddering with my orgasm.

He passed the Hitachi and continued to fuck me but instructed me to masturbate at the same time. I was off the chart, I'm sure I was screaming but I was too busy enjoying him fill me with his cock to care.

He was near coming but he wanted me to come again and I could see him holding off. As me orgasm broke his cum jetted out of him and spurted inside of me.

It might of been if fastest sex but damn it was worth it!


  1. Oh dear, the old "coitus interuptus".

    I had a date with a buddy that got cancelled at the last minute - a dreadful overnight storm caused a leaky roof and her estate agent was due to do an inspection - best I was not there.

    Caught up with her the next day and we were relaxing with a chai tea in the post coital glow when there was a knock on the door - the plumbers had arrived to look into the roof repair. Thank goodness I was almost dressed, sans shoes. But buddy showed the plumbers the damage dressed only in her robe. Goodness knows what they thought of a lady entertaining a gentleman in the middle of the day in just a robe.

    I quickly excused myself and left them to it.

  2. Glad all is okay and nothing taken.

    Feel for you HnS having to wait patienly, I would have gone mad.