Monday, 1 November 2010

Tmi random sexual facts - 5 turn offs

1) A lack of manners be it at the table, at a door, in the bedroom.
The man with the most impeccable manners that I have had the pleasure off is dutch, he is like a real old fashioned gentleman, though a wild animal still in the bedroom!! A very close second in J x

2) smelly body odour or bad breath
Now we all sweat and sometimes a freshly sweaty body can be arousing but plain smelling is just not acceptable. I do love a sweet smelling man, a light scent of aftershave my favourite being Hermes and Tom Ford Mmmm

3) Being selfish or pushy in the bedroom
It turns me off so much when a guy asks me to suck his cock or something, I like things to happen naturally unless we are doing role play when "suck me you cum loving slut" will do the trick!
It's not that I don't want to do it's more that I wanted to give it; not be asked of me, does that make sense?

4) Bad kissing
I hate a man that can't kiss, if it doesn't work on these lips it's isn't when he travels south in my book!
But if he kisses well and kisses my neck .... Mmm

5) Apologies or asking for feedback as a way to fish for a compliment
"did I lick you ok baby?" Er no! Did I beg you to stop yet???
"sorry if my cock hurts it's big" Er no! Are you in yet??
It just sets me on sarcastic mode!!! And you don't want to be on the wrong side of that!

Bonus... What turned me on today?
The therapist told me he was off to tie his woman to the bed, rip her panties off and fuck her so hard. It made me wet at the thought... He promised to send me a picture or 2

What turned you on the most this week?


  1. Great picture, so hot that you are into your nipples enough to want one pierced, could have lots of fun playing ... :)

    Never get tired of hearing what turns on a woman, these look like they could apply almost universally.

    What turned me on? besides hearing about you get wet from the therapist, had an unexpected chat with a lady friend who showed me massaging her breast and squeezing her nipple, I described what I wanted to do, went back and forth a few times, then she told me how wet she was, I had to sign off and she told me she was off to play, turned on for the rest of the day thinking about what she might be doing..

  2. Yummy,
    I concur with all on your list.

    #5 is funny :D

    *deep sigh* I want the Therapist to come do naughty things to me.

    What turned me on today?

    Today? Reading this TMI and Playfully Yours, too. Yesterday, an email from a delicious young thing I have an ANR with. The day before that, thinking about SirDom, which made me masturbate frequently.


    Happy TMI Tuesday sexy lady.

    Stop by my TMI Tuesday HERE

  3. Your entire blog is a turn on, sexy. Not to mention your nipple shot is HOT. Makes my tongue want to start licking until you say stop....