Monday, 23 August 2010

A week in review

30+ orgasms lost count was away with the faries

1 man kissed me

1 man tie me up and spanked me

1 man teased me so wonderfully I could of cum without touch

1 man fucked me hard

1 man fisted me with his huge hands and made me squirt

Husband is away for 2 days so I have a feeling I'm going to be a very bad girl.

Spoke with the therapist about pushing my boundaries, I really enjoyed playing with the farmer and I want to try more and do some role play.

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11 people loved my HNT offering

NV helped me out and designed an award button for blogs and/or bloggers that turn me on

new blog awarded that is a must to read:

Dished out so far:

Off to award more sexy bloggers!


  1. Honey, your blog always makes my day. I'm always happy to know there is someone out here as open and brave as I feel I am.

    Now come here and open your fucking mouth...:)

  2. Good choice awarding Secretly Naughty, her blog always makes me a bit tingly!

    Once again, you've had a busy week. Way better than my week. ;)

  3. What a wonderful week you had.

    I, too, read secretly naughty.


  4. Sounds like a great week to me!

  5. That must have been one hell of aa week!!!
    If not, you´'re living in heaven!

    Os Cereja

  6. Your week was such sexy fun.
    Again, I thank you for the award and you picked some good blogs that deserved it too.