Sunday, 21 March 2010

First time in a swing club

have you ever brought an orgy of about 30 people to a total stand still and then erupt in a full chorus of laughter? ooops I did!

It was about this time last year, I was meant to be going with M but his child was ill, we had arranged to meet some friends in there and we agreed I should go along anyway. One of the guys kindly offered to take me. I made it clear that I didn't want to have penetrative sex with him or anyone else for that matter, I was just going along to see and maybe a little soft play if I felt comfortable. I made it clear though so long as he didnt leave me stranded or alone he could got do what ever he wanted.

J took me for dinner and drinks first, although I must say I skipped the dinner mainly and threw loads of drinks down my neck, I was so nervous. I was worried people wouldn't find me attractive, there is one thing not being picked for the netball team but being last one to be picked in a swing club would be awful!!

When we got there I was surprised how normal the place was, it was like being in a social club except you brought your own booze. We sat and drank for a while before venturing to have a look around. Half way round we got to the jacuzzi and decided to strip and get in. A few couples had followed us and decided to join us in the tub. I moved close to J and he placed his arm around me signalling I was off limits. After a some flirty chat in the tub we decided to move on before we got too wrinkly!

Just dressed in our towels we ventured into the 1st of the play rooms. It was the couples room, there was 2 double mattresses on a raised platform. It was empty, just as we turned to leave an attractive couple walked in and the lady put her hand out to me... it took it and joined them. We left the door ajar and within minutes we had an audience. J asked to touch me as he learnt in to kiss, I allowed him, even if just to let the audience know I was not single. He was fingering me as she straddled my face, she was sucking her husband off. I felt j lick me and who was i to stop him! after about 10 minutes she came as I was fisting and licking her. It had been over 12 years since I had fully been with a woman, Id forgotten how good it was.

We switched and J stood in front of me and wanked, I said he could cum on my breasts. As I came I squirted on her making her shriek as she got a fright... I was tipsy and it made me giggle so much, and just at that monet her husband covered her and me and so did J.

We said our goodbyes, showered and headed to the next room, the orgy room. As we entered it was half lit, so quiet, only the odd moan and whimper to be heard. there were dozens of people fucking and playing where ever you looked. On beds, on the floor, on sex swings. I could of stood for hours just watching, every glance told a different story. My eyes were drawn to a lady on the bed she was being spit roasted, at this point I had never done it but had often fantasized about it.

As she received an ample seeing to from both ends an attractive young man was on his knees to her side wanking. He was tall, blonde, sporting a six pack and a very large cock. J saw what I was looking at and took a hold of my towel and pushed me towards the bed, whispering dont worry I will look after you. As I took my first step towards having group sex, being part of an orgy, sex with a stranger, a million thoughts were running through my head.... then I saw them.... his socks, I turned to J and announced (with hindsight very loudly) "he's got his socks on!"

The whole room stopped, people on the sex swings seemed to pause mid air to take in my announcement! the room turned from silence to loud laughter. The poor young man ran from the room holding his diminishing cock in his hand. I fell to the floor unable to move with laughter. Me and J then fled the scene, i was still zipping up my dress and clutching my shoes as we left.

Thankfully J thought it was the best night at a swing club he had ever had!


  1. Deligntful, honey. I have to remember that line; I'm sure you won't mind if I steal it for select usage!

  2. LMAO! He fell into the sock gap! Just the other night I was watching a couple on cam in a chat room, and I suggested to the guy that he would be sexier sans socks, and in response he said "if you don't like it don't watch!" I will never understand men that think that leaving their their socks on when the rest of them is naked is okay. Just not sexy.