Wednesday 2 March 2016

Cuckold ceremonies and Cuckymoons

Yummy received an unsolicited email at the weekend that was as intriguing as it was unusual. It was from a guy in the US called ‘Cuck Steve’ and he was asking if she had an interest in cuckolding and ceremonies to celebrate what may be called a commitment to the lifestyle.

From having a look around, Steve does take this very seriously, to the extent that he has written a guide for a cuckolding ceremony that also includes how what he terms ‘cuckymoons’ could be conducted.

As a service to those who may be as intrigued as we were about this, you can download his cuckolding ceremony guide here and if you wish to discuss anything further with Steve, his contact details are also in the document.

Happy reading and do let us know if you plan any celebrations based upon these thoughts and we will go out and buy fancy new hats for the occasion.

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