Monday, 14 November 2016

TMI Tuesday - Spending

TMI Tuesday posted, during wee hours of the morning.
1. What shoes would  you like  to fill today? I am very happy with who and what I am and see no point in wishing for things that will never happen

2. What is the next big dollar purchase you are planning to make? 
Excuse me, I think that you will find that we use the Queen's fine England Pound Sterling here. That aside, I'd like to purchase a lovely holiday somewhere hot and sunny because it is cold, dark and damp in the UK at the moment
3. You have $100,000 to spend on friends. How would you spend it?
Buy them things that they 'need' as opposed to 'want' and then with the change, throw a big party for them all :-)

4. You have $5,000 to spend on your significant  other. How would  you spend it?
Hmm, XE converts that to about £4,000 today.....should give us about two or three full on weeks in Cap d'Agde

5. What is your favorite waste of time ?
I don't class it as a waste of time, but I may have mentioned that I am partial to anal previously 😊

Bonus: Tell us about the most mischievous  thing you did as a kid.
I broke up with someone by getting a friend to tell them I was dead
But everyone's done that haven't they?? Right?.......Right????? 
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  1. Good answers and I like the correction to pound sterling, wouldn't it be lovely to find some sun right now, I hate the dank days like today

  2. Wildfire8470 said: Someday, I'll have to check out Cap d'Agde!

  3. I would love to waste some time with you guys on Cap d'Agde - heh heh