Saturday, 28 January 2012

YSLs thoughts on the subject... You answered on your TMI WYR question a gang bang, would you do this in reality?

This is in reply to the formspring question about gangbangs:

I love to see others enjoying Yummy in my presence and I have always been very relaxed with her being the centre of attention on occasion whilst I stood back as a voyeur. I like the idea of Yummy being so sexually desired by so many men (and women) at the same time and for her to saviour the attention, but she has felt a little uncomfortable mentally thinking that it is selfish (towards me) and hence the guilt that she has mentioned.

There have been a handful of occasions where we have had wonderful group sex with multiple partners and the players have all been respectful, knew boundaries, knew the right things to do, everything felt so right and the mood of the atmosphere was one where everybody just clicked. However against this ,there have been more times where, whilst it has been fine, there are some people that you just don't want there, chancers, unskilled/inexperienced people and those that are just plain disrespectful, out to 'fuck/cum/fuck off'.

Unfortunately at the club this week, whilst we had a great time, there was a guy there who was good looking in a masculine kind of way, very fit and gym hard body, but sadly only there to satisfy himself. We arrived in a room where he and another guy were pleasing a lady and as soon as he saw Yummy, he dropped her and made straight for our favourite blogger. Well, he got on the nipples straight away, did his best to tune in the radio for about five minutes, tried to get her to lay back (Yummy wasn't having it) and then the call goes out, 'anyone got a condom?' WTF??? This is a sex club, and you haven't brought condoms?? Having said this, this is not unusual and to us is completely bizarre. I always have at least 10 condoms in the room with me and almost always the answer is 'sorry mate, haven't got any', just to piss them off and rub in their stupidity. I love the idea that these idiots who think they know what they are doing are just a cunt hair away from a fuck, but their idiocy prevents it. The desperation in their eyes never fails to lift our spirits and it is so funny to see a man with a hard on frantically pulling on some trousers to race downstairs to the bar to buy a condom and he's hoping that the action hasn't moved on in his absence and he's missed his chance. Anyway, this loser didn't get to fuck Yummy, but I was giving oral pleasure to a lady next to her, she was really wet and in to it, when he suddenly announces that he's got to fuck her and I've basically got to move along. She physically looks up when I stop wondering what's wrong, he starts banging away, lasts literally 90 seconds and then fucks off straight away. No kisses, no thank you's, of course no cuddling...what a twat!! We've seen similar previously and just seeing it looks awful, so being on the receiving end is not something that I ever want Yummy to experience.

Another example is when we were in a club before Christmas and we spent half an hour watching a lady being pleasured by several men. She was revelling in it, guys where fine and there were about ten male voyeurs with us who just watched and kept a respectful distance. When they finished, me and Yummy decided to get up and carry on a show, but damn, it suddenly turned in to a scenario like when the zoo keeper throws out the fish to the penguins, men just descended on us with no subtlety, thrusting cocks in her direction like she was about to suddenly walk out of the room.....and hey, guess what guys, it became a self fulfilling prophecy. We just stopped and went back to the bar.

So, to get back to the original point, even as shown above, things can be going well one minute, then downhill the next for this sort of scenario and as I said to Yummy the other night, I never thought that I would ever be a 'cock blocker', but that's what my role often is, to either physically shield Yummy from cocks or to assist in pulling her out of situations that we aren't comfortable with. Gang bangs and a lady being the centre of attention can be great if the mood and players are right, but often they can be tarred by the desperados that are either unpleasant or think that the moment may go soon so they have to get in quickly and if there are people around like that, it does put you a little on edge and on guard which detracts from just mentally letting go and wallowing in the hedonistic pleasure of it all.

The above covers the downsides of it and unfortunately it is a reality and something that we have often seen, but we always take away the good from situations and rarely dwell on the negatives. Anyway, denying having condoms always makes us laugh and brings them down to earth.

On the upsides, we have had some wonderful group experiences and totally let go because the mood and people were right and you could just feel it in the room. We were part of a 20sum in a club last year and Yummy enjoyed multiple cocks, I enjoyed many ladies, everyone was stroking and touching each other and the high point was when I was fucking a lady who was lying down (who has since become a good friend of ours) and then Yummy straddled her face, we cuddled and kissed and Yummy came all over her face whilst I pounded away.

It doesn't necessarily have to be large groups that make it exciting. We went to a club that is a lot quieter and had a room with Yummy lying on the bed and me and four other guys around her enjoying her. All of the guys were really pleasant, very respectful, almost to the point of being too hesitant (but we would rather have that than those who charge in) and it was such a pleasure to see a number of men drink her in, appreciate her, take the time to make her feel comfortable and of course to pleasure her.

Yummy is a very striking lady who is always noticed as soon as she walks in to a room and there have been so many times where even though there have been other ladies in the room who are clearly up for 'play', it is only her that they are interested in. We both have similar views about the type of people that we would want to play with and so we instinctively know when to come to the rescue of the other. An example from earlier in the week was one guy who made it very clear that he only wanted Yummy even though there was another lady in the room playing, but he just wasn't suitable, so I had to get 'cock blocking' and he still came back twice more.......and still showed no interest in anyone else in the room.

We are self confessed 'sex snobs' and only want to play with people who will give us a good, positive experience. We make a good team, sexually, helping each other out and I know that I am so lucky to be the one that she has chosen. I never take Yummy for granted, I only want to care and look after her and for her to experience all of the pleasures that she chooses and has the opportunity to pursue. As I have said before, I love the experiences that we share together with others and I dearly love Yummy being at the centre enjoying as many hard erections as she desires and can take, but most of all, it is always Yummy that I desire most every night and the one who I am always proud and pleased will be coming home with me.


  1. I think you're the Perfect Man. Not just any perfect man, THE Perfect Man. You're so comfortable with yourself and sharing your sexuality and it just blows me away.

    I can't wait to meet you someday.

    x Jilly

  2. I have to say you are awesome, just awesome... No wonder she is in love with you.... Hooah!!!

  3. Looking for a good sexual compatible experience isn't being a snob in my book!

  4. Your total concern for Yummy and her pleasure is a beautiful thing to read about. We're all well aware of it from Yummy's writings but reading your own perspective is even better to imagine. The world needs more people like yourself.

    Our biggest fear about a group swinging type of situation is the sort of person you mention. My wife isn't an object, and while I know she's fantasized about being one, reality is different. As a couple that's new to the scene, we'd be on edge enough without worrying about selfish or ignorant people. Really - who doesn't bring condoms with them? Moron. However, the 20sum you mention sounds wonderful to both of us. Finding a group situation with the right mood, where people are respectful and we're both comfortable, is a fantasy of ours. Probably not a large group to start us off, but maybe eventually...

    Additionally, anyone who knows the term "self-fulfilling prophecy" and can correctly use it is someone for whom I'd like to buy a drink someday.


  5. Knowing how difficult it is to find just one person with whom you are sexually and emotionally compatible, it's easy to see how much more difficult it would be to assemble a group of males who would treat your lover with the respect she deserves, while at the same time giving her the sexual thrill she craves. That's why we have these basic rules of "no means no" and asking first. Too bad they aren't always observed.

  6. You and Yummy are definitely not snobs. You're just being discerning and for that you must be congratulated. I love how you look out for Yummy. She cleary feels very secure with you.

    I have often fantasised about being in an MFM and after reading your post have made a mental note of the kind of people and situations to avoid. I am quite new to the idea and any helpful tips I can get will prove invaluable!

  7. I'm certainly curious to experience a group (rather than well known threesome) situation but the multitude of potential issues does make me nervous. I guess it comes down to having someone there who can look after you and steer the situation in a good direction.
    You two are clearly a beautifully matched couple in that regard among many others.

    Faile x